A Charming Family Home Full of Delight!

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João Linck | Arquitetura Modern houses
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Join us on a tour today to discover a charming family home full of delight. The spacious family home has ample land around it which is manicured and landscaped to perfection. Much to our delight, the green landscape also has a small narrow splashing pool in a vibrant blue colour. We will explore the exteriors of the house as well as the interiors to get a wholesome feel of what the home is really like. The intimate parts of the home such as the modern master-bedroom and children's bedroom have captured our attention just as much as the kitchen and other social areas. Stay with us to find out why. 

We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your home through this tour. The charming family home is designed by Joao Luis Linck, architects based in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Let's take a look at their beautiful creation shall we? 

A first glance at the exteriors

A first glance at the exteriors of this family home gives the impression of a clean, bright, modern home that is spacious and beautifully designed. Pictured here, we can see that there is plenty of outdoor space for relaxing comfortably with a patio on the ground floor and a balcony on the first floor. 

Stone cladding

From a distance, we can see how the creamy coloured stone cladding provides texture and contrast to the polished bright white facade of the house. We can also see that the poolside has a wooden deck with a parasol for shade, enhancing the outdoor area. 

The patio

The patio is set up for comfort with the cushioned wicker chairs and coffee table giving a natural feel that coordinates well with the outdoor theme. A glass sliding door makes the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors seem seamless, creating an open airy feeling. 

A kitchen inspired by wood

The kitchen is one of our favourite spaces of this home. This kitchen inspired by wood has just the right amount of stone, concrete, and tile to give it a modern dynamic look. We absolutely love the contrasts of textures and colours in this kitchen, together with the cosy, contemporary feel it evokes. 

Country style dining area

The dining area takes on a classic country style look with its wooden table and wooden chairs painted in white and cushioned with a checkered design typical of the country style. The dining table is adorned with a vase of roses enhancing the homey feel of the dining area. 

A peek at the living room

A peek at the living room from the dining area corner shows that neutral colours dominate the social heart of the home. This creates a calm, laid-back atmosphere where you can relax comfortably on the snug sofas. We can also see that the whole space is bathed in natural light penetrating through the large windows and glass sliding doors.

Children's bedroom

One look at the children's bedroom and you know it's meant for boys. The shelf decorated with toy cars and the overall boyish playfulness of the room is a telling sign. Bright, warm colours like orange and red take precedence in this room although it's only used sparingly. 

Black and white masterbedroom

Black and white are one of the easiest colours to play around with. It provides you the versatility of sticking to the theme or adding as many colours and patterns you would like. This simple yet elegant masterbedroom is a perfect model of how to use black and white in your bedroom. 

We hope you've enjoyed this tour as much as we have. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at 10 essentials for starting a vegetable garden at home

What did you like most about the tour of this family home? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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