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How to organise your kitchen like a pro

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With the pandemic showing no signs of abating and ordering food from outside becoming a risky proposition, most households have resorted to making extensive use of their kitchen appliances and understanding their utility. This newfound interest in cooking favourite dishes at home would have encouraged you to buy a few more kitchen tools and ingredients for which you may have also purchased new containers. If these culinary exercises have let to chaos in the kitchen, then we don't blame you as you are not alone.

Kitchen organisation is not a tedious task if you keep key areas like countertops, cutlery and tools drawers and spice racks uncluttered. Like any work area, the kitchen should be organised so that it is easy to find things when needed even by a newbie who is entering the area for the first time. Our kitchen planners have suggested these easy steps to organise the kitchen and make it easy to cook meals for just a few family members or a large party of friends during the festive season without getting hassled.

Built-in organisers

Tall Unit System in the Kitchen U and I Designs Modern kitchen
U and I Designs

Tall Unit System in the Kitchen

U and I Designs

The key to an organised kitchen is an organised pantry that is within easy reach. Ensure that all the labels of bottles and packages face forward so that they are used up before the expiry date. Regularly used spices, condiments and oils should be organised at eye level while dry rations can be stocked at the bottom.  

Organised cabinet system

Cabinet organisation is another essential step towards a balanced modern kitchen. While cutlery can be arranged on the counter or in separate pull out trays below the counter, small and large containers used for cooking and serving should be kept in designated places depending on the frequency of use. Daily use plates, mugs, glasses, cups and bowls should have a cabinet and be easily accessible. Cooking and serving utensils that are used when guests are at home should be kept on top shelves. Low-level cabinets are ideal for keeping mixing bowls, serving pots, pans and other dishes along with their lids, so it is easy to find them when needed.

Transparent cabinets

Kitchen Unit DezinePro Classic style kitchen

Kitchen Unit


If you are a person who loves experimenting with all kinds of ingredients and spices, then ideally have containers that are transparent so that less used items are also visible and used up before they expire. These kind of transparent cabinets are perfect for keeping an eye on items in your cabinets within the containers as similar items can be grouped and used when needed.

The importance of wicker baskets

One cannot dispute the importance of wicker baskets in a kitchen, even if there are multiple sizes of cabinets in the area. These baskets can be neatly arranged above the counter or below like the example shown here to organise a diverse range of things from kitchen towels and dry rations to spice boxes. They can also be used as storage bins for keeping dry spices like ginger, onions, garlic, etc.

Drawer organisers

Harbourside kitchen Tim Jasper Country style kitchen
Tim Jasper

Harbourside kitchen

Tim Jasper

Though most people like to keep their cooking tools on the counter, it can be very chaotic when one is in a hurry. These kinds of drawer organisers are ideal for cutting tools, spoons, can openers, tongs, ladles and other tools that are used in the kitchen. Organisers keep your counter free of clutter and also make it easy even for a budding chef to find essential tools.

Integrated appliances




Integrating essential appliances like the oven, dishwasher, refrigerator and others into niches in the kitchen wall can save a lot of floor and counter space. Other essential electrical appliances like the toaster, mixer or blender can be kept inside pull out shelves under the island.

Open shelves for clutter-free counters

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Axis Aspire 2.5 BHK—Mr. Ramprasad


If you lack space for above counter cabinets, then install open shelves for spices and tea, coffee and sugar. It will keep your counters free of clutter, and finding items will also be an easy task.

If you want more detailed information on kitchen organisation, here are ways to use customised kitchen organisers to optimise.

Which of these kitchen organization ideas did you like the best. Do leave us a comment.

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