Give a Stylish Makeover to Your Bathroom With These Amazing Tips

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In every home, bathrooms are undoubtedly the most frequently used rooms. People start their day in the bathroom by getting ready for work and end it by taking a shower to relax the body before going to bed. Hence, it demands timely renovations to meet your constantly evolving needs. A smartly renovated bathroom adds value to the home and updates its style according to current trends. Here, the interior designers and decorators from Lakkad Works, Delhi have presented a list of well-curated interior design tips that can improve the elements of functionality and comfort in your bathroom while enhancing its overall appeal. These simple yet effective upgradations can transform outdated bathroom interiors into an ultimate room for self-care.

Plan a layout

Before installing trendy accessories, it is imperative to plan the layout of the bathroom. You must decide a proper position to place the shower, tub, storage cabinets and sink depending on the total available space. Similarly, make sure to consider lighting and ventilation as lighting sets the mood of the bathroom, and ventilation keeps the room comfortable besides preventing the issue of excessive moisture and odour.

Include stylish and functional vanities

The design of bathroom vanity counters can play a significant role in keeping the room tidy and in enhancing the refined décor. For those with small bathrooms, floating vanities can be extremely useful as they do not consume floor space and lend a contemporary touch.

Create an internal wall

If you are concerned about the limited space in your bathroom, then you must ask the professionals to create an extra internal wall. This wall offers a smart way to increase the storage capacity of your bathroom, without making it feel cluttered.

Explore unique built-in storage options

Besides installing traditional wooden vanities, you can also search for other innovative storage designs that can completely turn around the look of your bathroom. Here, you can see how the exceptionally designed and well-customised built-in cabinets have been installed for organising the toiletries.

Pick the right sink

Depending on the layout of the bathroom, you can easily decide between drop-in, under-mount, tabletop, vessel or wall-mounted and other types of basins. For small bathrooms, vessel sinks are highly recommended.

Install an undermount sink

Those who like the construction of an under-mount sink must know the advantage of it being installed underneath the countertop. The edge of the counter completely conceals the rim of the sink. This design makes it convenient to clean the counter as well as to utilise the entire space optimally.

Improve the lighting

While remodelling your bathroom, change or add to your current lighting setting to improve the mood of the whole space. You can add recessed lighting fixtures around the mirror to get the best lighting during shaving or doing make-up. To get a cosy glow, you can install some perimeter lights.

Play with bright colours

The ambience of the bathroom gets majorly affected by the colours used on the walls. If you wish to create a tranquil mood, opt for greens and blues, whereas for unmatched elegance, nothing can replace the calmness offered by pure whites. Moreover, to give it a modern twist, you can include a textured feature wall. 

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