Interesting ways to expand home and create more space

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Just as needs of every family keep changing so do their requirements for furniture, storage, lighting and other details within the house. As the family members move in and out of the house to meet requirements of higher studies and career goals the house interiors also undergo changes. If over a period of time new members get added to the family and there are issues of size and layout then you may have to rethink about better organization to create space to accommodate everyone's belongings in the house. Here are some clever ways to create space in houses without feeling cramped as sometimes moving into a bigger house is beyond the budget for most families living in large cities. These ideas some of which are DIY efforts can bring spaciousness and comfort into each room.

1. Mix the furniture to balance

Use furniture of the ideal size that balance each other and do not hamper movement of traffic within the room. Avoid setting up roadblocks in pathways that connect different rooms and in places like small living rooms push large furniture pieces against the wall to create illusion of space. Combination of small chairs with large sofas create a balanced look here.

2 Clever use of mirrors

Formal living area with lounge chairs and designer mirror with a sleek console Rich & Aki Modern living room MDF White
Rich & Aki

Formal living area with lounge chairs and designer mirror with a sleek console

Rich & Aki

Wardrobes with glass fronted doors and glossy cupboards reflect light around the room making it feel large and expansive. If there is a large park, water-body or some other pleasant scenery position a mirror so that the skyline and scene can be enjoyed from within the house. This will add feeling of aesthetics and space in the house while creating a sense of calmness within.

3. Add a second floor to existing structure

If you have a standalone house and permission has been obtained to add another floor to the existing structure then that is the best way to expand space. But before attempting to start the construction take expert advice of a general constructor to estimate if the foundation can handle the extra load and how much the project is likely to cost.

4. Use indoor plants

Allowing nature to come indoors helps to make rooms feel open and expansive while cheering up the atmosphere. In cities where patches of greenery are limited to faraway parks, indoor plants brighten up the mood while making the environment cleaner.

5. Add a skylight

loft bathroom Studio AVC Modern bathroom White
Studio AVC

loft bathroom

Studio AVC

The owners here have used a skylight to add charm and natural light to this stylish bathroom on the top floor. This thoughtful contraption connects the outdoors and enhances sense of space in the region.

6. Add a kitchen island

Families usually use the formal dining room during weekends or when guests are around. By introducing a kitchen island you can not only create more workspace but also have a bonding area for informal family discussions while cooking up special collaborative dishes. This may also give ideas to use the dining room for other activities like maybe a work from home office or a hobby area.

7. Large French windows

If safety and privacy is not a big concern in your neighborhood then have large windows from ceiling to floor and cover them with sheer curtains to let in as much light as possible. These make rooms feel large and spacious so keep them open during daytime.

It is always possible to create room for storage and brightness in a home irrespective of its size. Here are some more small and inexpensive ideas to add space to your home.

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