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Landscape Design Ideas to Improve Your Garden

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Enhancing or upgrading landscape around the house is the best way to increase property value and create suitable outdoor space for relaxation, besides keeping it free of unwanted insects and reptiles. With landscaping services available today, you only need to consider the budget for improving the garden or patch of greenery in the front yard or for developing the backyard into an entertainment zone with dining and seating options. Whether you have small or large open spaces around your property, it can be developed into a beautiful retreat with the right details depending on the budget that can be allotted for it. Landscaped spaces have to be maintained well with regular weeding, watering, pruning and other activities to maintain their well-groomed look so consider the time you can allocate for it or hire a gardener. Here are some charming landscaped spaces created by our landscape architects that can be considered before planning your own.

1. Layered garden

The beautiful, manicured lawn and well laid out shrubs form a charming contrast with the white facade of this house. This layered garden is built in a planned manner with phased out sections for different plant varieties to give it a structured and groomed appearance.

2. Garden with a pergola

Here, the owners decided to have a garden with a combination of flowering varieties and natural shrubbery along the boundary to maintain privacy. The area abutting the porch is neatly drawn out with grassy geometric shapes that are soothing to the eye. The pergola at the edge is perfect for summer picnics and barbecue parties in winter.

3. Tropical paradise

The best part about tropical countries like India is that while summers are scorching the rainy season can renew all the burnt-out shrubbery into lush greenery. In this tropical paradise, attention has been given to local species to maintain greenery throughout the year.

4. Bordered by woodlands

This Asian style front garden is vast and designed with a typical layout of stone paths, groomed bushes along the paths, decorative flower bed arrangements and thick foliage of trees along the boundary. The focus is on simplicity instead of an abundance of greenery.

5. Luxurious style

The focus here was on creating a comfort zone within the garden with minimal fuss. The black marble seats and table set amidst green bushes feels like a secret paradise surrounded by stark white borders and footpaths.

6. Typical European garden

European gardens are strongly influenced by Italian, French and English style as ornamental plant varieties are popular in these styles. Along with elegant flowering plants and geometrically shaped hedges, one is likely to find a wide variety of garden ornaments like stone statues, fountains, pergolas and arbours. The garden depicted here is more informal like an English garden with naturalized plant varieties and the lack of geometric hedges.

7. Earthy Indian backyard

The focus here was more on creating a comfort zone for relaxation in the evening than on creating a garden. The rough limestone floor is typical of countryside homes with large backyards for the elders to chat around a fireplace while children play nearby. The landscapers have used innovative methods to surround the wall with greenery even as the large tree spreads out like a huge umbrella. The yellow sandstone raised bed takes care of allowing the tree to spread out its roots while the stone-paved floor will ensure that insects and reptiles stay away from the relaxation zone.

8. Countryside garden

This naturalized garden is designed in the typical English style with arbour and flowering beds bordering the stone-paved paths. The small colourful shrubs also delineate the space between lawn and garden. Quite a few ornamental pots have been arranged in strategic areas to give a slightly Mediterranean air to the garden.

9. Balanced approach

When space is limited, then limit your choice to a small and neat space that has all the elements of a landscaped garden and requires minimum maintenance. The appearance of a grim stone border wall is softened by the artfully designed and groomed shrubs and plant varieties that form a harmonious partnership.

Here are some easy ideas to make your garden look modern and stylish.

Which of these landscaped garden ideas did you like the best?

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