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Balancing the elements of style and functionality between your wardrobe and the rest of the bedroom furniture can be quite challenging. Before you draw inspiration from someone else’s wardrobe, it is imperative to understand your preferences as well as the requirements of your room. Here, the interior designers and decorators from Lakkad Works, based in Delhi have outlined a few tips after considering all the factors that can influence an individual’s decision regarding the design of the wardrobe. So, read on for getting insights into the design, style, material, size and accessories that can be used for designing a smart and highly functional wardrobe.

Wardrobe type

One of the significant decisions that you have to make is to choose between a free-standing and a built-in version. A free-standing wardrobe can be transferred from one room to another without any difficulty. In contrast, a built-in wardrobe is not portable but can be customized according to your taste or needs.

Size of the wardrobe

Before selecting a wardrobe, you need to make sure that it fits within the dimensions of the total available floor space and aligns with the height of the ceiling while offering ample storage capacity.

Style of the wardrobe

To create harmony in the décor, you must match the style of the wardrobe with the existing theme of the bedroom interiors and furniture. Pick hues that either seamlessly blend or create a striking contrast to offer visual comfort or relief.

Storage requirements

Storage is a critical component that can influence your decision regarding the design of the wardrobe. If you are someone with tons of formal wear, then your wardrobe should have sufficient hanging space. Similarly, if you have a wide range of accessories to flaunt, then a wardrobe with multiple drawers would be a great choice.

The material of the wardrobe

The best wardrobe material is the one that offers durability while adding a pleasing touch to the room. From solid wood to acrylics and laminates, you need to select a material that can meet your diverse requirements and retain its flawless finish for years.

Look of the room

If you wish to lend a minimalist look to your room, then you can opt for a wardrobe in white or grey and with compact storage.  Or, if you prefer an extraordinary touch, a wardrobe with bright colours, carvings and enormous storage capacity might be better suited.

Space-saving construction

For those concerned about limited space, it is best to build the cabinets around the bed, windows or television rather than dedicating a whole wall to them. This way, you get to make the most of the space in the room without giving it a cluttered feel or compromising on the aesthetic.

Design of doors

The most commonly preferred door designs are swing and sliding. Swing doors work well for large rooms where they can be easily opened, and sliding doors are perfect for small rooms as they save space while lending an elegant look.

Mirrored wardrobes

Whether it is a conventional hinged wardrobe or a trendy sliding one, mirrors as accessories add functionality and enhance the décor of the room. Most importantly, they eliminate the need for installing a separate free-standing mirror.

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