8 Ways to fit in blue into your interiors

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Blue is something of a universal favorite that does not have age or space barriers and can fit into almost every environment and design style. This versatile color can be used to give a soothing aura to a dull bedroom with bed linen, liven up all white sofa with navy blue cushions or give a natural lift to ceiling by painting it in blue. Blue is available in several shades and can partner itself with almost every other color in the rainbow to adjust within stark industrial to minimalist style or fit itself with vibrant atmosphere of colonial backdrop. We have gathered here around 8 combinations with blue with the help of our decorators to help you find the right inspiration to make your own DIY experiment with blue.  

1. Blue sofas against stunning backdrop

A beautiful modern living room with large French windows overlooking a garden remains sprightly with natural light streaming in across the day. The best highlights of this room are the Italian marble backdrop and false ceiling designed out of wood that is supported by dramatic profile lights on both sides. The charming blue upholstered sofas give a playful yet comfortable look to the space.

2. Mediterranean blue with green

If you like the stunning blue exteriors of Mediterranean homes then bring it home with tiles. See these pretty blue and white tiles that make a stunning combination in this rustic style balcony and green furniture.

3. Magic of indigo blue with white

If you think indigo blue is only meant for commercial outlets do take a good look a this country style home that has used this color to make their interiors stunningly beautiful. The open plan kitchen and living are laid out opposite each other with a bar area in between to enjoy leisure time with friends. Different shades of blue have been used throughout to tone down the atmosphere and make it lighter by combining a few furniture pieces in burnt orange and brown.

4. Blue with a touch of white and silver

Want to experience sleeping in the clouds? Then indulge your sleeping quarters in combination of white, blue and silver like here that has a dreamy atmosphere. This arrangement may be contemporary in look and feel but it’s also quite soothing!

5. Classic bathroom

These tasteful yet sophisticated sanitary fittings with reflective surface form a unique partnership with the unusual blue patterned tiles that stretch from floor to wall. This Mediterranean style inspired bathroom is the perfect place to relax for family members after a long day at work.

6. Work space that inspires

Want a private home office that is the perfect combination of relaxed yet form workspace? Transform an empty corner with this eclectic mix of white blinds and furniture that is upholstered in blue and supported by curtains that are another shade of blue.

7. Soothing teal blue

In this lovely kitchen teal blue gives a funky finish when mixed with black topped counter and top cabinets. Crisp and classy this stylish pairing along with light toned bottom cabinets and open shelves makes the kitchen look fresh, clean and inviting.

8. Blue in the foyer

The elegant foyer here has a beautiful backdrop in blue and is supported with classic style décor pieces in vibrant gold. The decorative mirror and ornamental table below it make the entrance dramatic if not charming.

Here are some more color combinations that are perfect for Filipino interiors.

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