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The Mexican style in interior design and architecture is characterized by vibrant colors, bold distinctive Mexican patterns, and rustic furnishings. Using rich vivid colors and cultural designs, the Mexican style creates a warm, welcoming, and stimulating ambiance. 

In this ideabook, we will distinguish styles that are unique to Mexican interior design so that these styles can be re-created easily again. Let's browse through some of these ideas for a Mexican style interior design and see if we can catch the Mexican spirit and flair. 

Mexican patio

Patio House - Garden arQing Garden Greenhouses & pavilions

Patio House—Garden


Mexican patios often use ceramic tiles in warm reds, browns, and terracotta colors. For a more traditional Mexican look on a budget, the ceramic tiles can be stamped with patterns which mimic Aztec designs and classic Mexican tiles.

Mosaic patterns created with small stones or tiles are one of the typical features of a Mexican patio. Incorporating Talavera Mexican tiles to the patio is also another way to stay with the theme. 

When choosing furniture for your Mexican style patio, stick with rustic wood and wrought iron elements to keep the design authentic.  

This cozy Mexican patio is designed by Arqing, architects based in Mexico. 

Mexican colors and patterns

MEXICAN PATIO arQing ArtworkSculptures



If you like bold, vibrant colors and vivid patterns, then the Mexican style is for you. However, if you prefer to create a calming, tranquil environment, then it's best not to opt for the Mexican style. 

The Mexican style often combines warm and cold colors like red and blue, or orange and green. The geometric patterns painted on the sculpture here are typical of Mexican patterns, and the contrasting colors give the theme its life. 

Mexican landscaping plants

In order to accentuate the Mexican style outdoors, add a few Mexican style landscaping plants such as cacti, and broad leafed plants like agave and yucca. Flowers like dahlia, Mexican bush sage, yellow bells and bougainvilleas are natives of Mexico, but some of them may be appropriate to grow in your region as well. 

Plants add foliage, color, and personality to an outdoor area. These Mexican landscaping plants combined together with some traditional Mexican pottery should complete the Mexican look outdoors. 

Browse through some ideas for landscaping plants here on homify for more inspiration. 

Mexican decor

Hand Carved Mexican Wooden Skeletons Vintage Archive ArtworkOther artistic objects
Vintage Archive

Hand Carved Mexican Wooden Skeletons

Vintage Archive

A calaca or a figurine of a skeleton or a skull is often used for decoration during the Mexican Day of the Dead festival. The skeleton figurines are often painted in bright, festive colors and are often shown dancing and playing musical instruments to indicate a happy afterlife. The Mexican belief that death should be a joyous celebration instead of a sad occasion is expressed through these happy skeletons.

These hand carved Mexican wooden skeletons represent Mexican folk art and are not only fascinating, but also have a meaningful story rich in cultural heritage to tell. Other examples of Mexican decor are such as Mexican hats, Mata Ortiz pottery, or Mexican textiles. 

Mexican themed living room

Once again, we see the typical geometrical Mexican patterns here combined with both cold and warm colors on this unique floor rug. If you're trying to create a Mexican themed living room, this gorgeous floor rug with rich colors and woven textures put together with colorful sofas or cushions could pull of the look without much effort. 

Mexican style kitchen

The Mexican style kitchen is an explosion of colors, creating a visually stimulating environment and a cheerful disposition. We love the vibrantly colored shelves and furniture in this kitchen, and how it creates that lovely Mexican flavor. 

Some traditional Mexican pottery like terracotta and black clay would also add a nice touch to this Mexican style kitchen and bring some ancient indigenous cultural heritage to the home. 

For more inspiration, check out this tour of a modern Mexican house

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