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7 Easy living room decoration on a budget

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Norm designhaus Classic style living room
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Every living room is the heart and showcase of every home that creates first impression about a family in the minds of guests. Decorative items, furniture, electronics, paintings and other details are an indirect representation of wealth, taste and personality. Usually in our zeal to make a living room opulent and stylish we either tend to overdo the decoration or fail to make the right choices from aesthetics point of view. To keep living room vibrant and balance maintain a flexible design that can be quickly changed to improve its style quotient or to meet changing trends. Here are some easy DIY ideas to give the living room a stylish fillip while balancing your budget. 

1. Immerse yourself in wood

Wood is a versatile material that can be used with any style that you may want to adopt to keep up with changing living room décor trends. This custom built cabinet design makes a stylish partnership with the industrial style center table.

2. Surround yourself with light

Lighting has the ability to transform the living room from dull to delightful and brighten up the mood of people using it. Instead of a standard showy glass chandelier adopt this stylish circular arrangement. The tiny backlights behind the showcase enhance the shelf objects and can be switched off when you don't want to show them off.

3. Rearrange furniture

Rearranging furniture and layout of items in the living room is the most cost effective idea to give it a new vibe. Here the sofas were rearranged against the staircase wall to create more space for small furniture pieces that could be moved around when needed and also to bring in a larger table.

4. Artwork for living room

Modern living rooms are as incomplete without thoughtfully displayed pieces of art which were the mainstay of classic style living rooms. Here stylish pieces framed in gold bring an air of elegance into the space and give a sense of balance to the opulent sofas and heavy dresser in the corner.

5. Invest in floor decorative materials

Living Room in Holland Park Apartment Decorbuddi Classic style living room Blue

Living Room in Holland Park Apartment


If you have a plain tile or wooden floor invest in floor decoration pieces like small carpets, colorful floor mats that create act as focal point of your living room. These pieces can have rest of the items centered around it like furniture, lamps or single seater sofas. It need not be expensive handwoven Turkish carpets as even those made of artificial fibers are good enough as these can be easily be washed with soap and water at home and are worth every penny.

6. Colorful natural elements

Pavilion Hilltop, Indochine Style Norm designhaus Asian style living room
Norm designhaus

Pavilion Hilltop, Indochine Style

Norm designhaus

Look for natural elements like plants or locally made mats, décor objects and botanical prints that bring color to the living room without affecting the budget. Combine them with neutral colored sofas and black framed windows to make the room look smart and contemporary.

7. Think of using an unusual background




Painting is one of the best ways to give life to living room walls. You can try to create a statement wall or just give it an unusual twist with dark color like here. This navy blue shade is a subtle masculine touch yet the white furniture adds charm and lightness to the environment.

Here are some more ideas on how to decorate your living room.

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