Why performance fabric is ideal for kids’ rooms

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Keeping furniture upholstery looking fresh and clean, especially in homes with pets, kids, or both can be next to impossible, causing a bit of worry. Stains and spills are a given – the key is to be prepared with fabric that is resistant to food stains, scratches, crayons, paints, coffee spills, and general wear and tear.

Most people are faced with the question of what fabric is suitable when it is time to replace furniture upholstery – the quality of furniture and the sentimental value attached often come in the way of making a decision. Additionally, changing the upholstery can be an expensive affair, often costing almost as much as buying brand new furniture. 

Choosing the right upholstery to match kids' preferences while providing a safe environment for their growth can often be tricky. It is recommended to opt for textiles that are durable and resistant to wear and tear as they won’t burn a hole in your pocket in the long term. Sunbrella offers a wide variety of quality performance fabrics that are stain-resistant, fade-resistant, and water-resistant. The bright, vibrant array of colours and patterns in which they are available is bound to captivate kids of all ages!

Performance fabric allows kids to be kids

Raising kids or having pets at home can pose quite a challenge, especially when it comes to maintaining furniture and upholstery. Selecting furniture that is upholstered with high-quality performance fabric, allows kids to be, well, kids. Kids tend to make a mess as they play and learn – sometimes, exploring their creativity beyond a piece of paper or a colouring book. It’s not uncommon to find they have experimented on the upholstery or unknowingly transferred a few stains from food or drinks. Performance fabric gives kids the freedom to be themselves without requiring you to be overcautious and continuously telling them what not to do. Being stain-resistant, resistant to wear and tear, and fade-resistant, performance fabric offers parents an excellent solution, besides letting kids grow up with fewer restrictions. They can continue exploring their artistic side while parents are free of the worry that comes with unremovable stains or damage to the upholstery in their rooms.

Using performance fabric to kid-proof other areas of the house

Performance fabric can be used to kid-proof other areas of the house and is not limited to just furniture. For example, sofas and dining chairs can be upholstered with durable performance fabrics, so when having guests or friends with children or pets come over, you needn’t worry about spills and stains, offering a more enjoyable and relaxed experience for all. Family-rooms, living rooms, drawing rooms, dens, or in general, any room where the family spends the most time will benefit from performance fabrics. A favourite piece of furniture, which is prone to spills or stains from overuse, should be upholstered with performance fabric. Dining chairs, living room sofas, loungers, ottomans, and so on, can be upholstered with performance fabric. As they do not need to be replaced often, they are ideal for any area of the house.

Benefits of using performance fabrics in kids rooms

The idea of using performance fabrics in homes is straightforward – durability, longevity, and simplicity.  Being performance-driven, the added benefits of using such fabric is that it creates a worry-free experience, since they offer features such as stain-resistance, fade-resistance, affordability, durability, and comfort. A barrier of protection is created using innovative technology to repel spills before they can turn into stains. The water-resistant property makes liquids form beads on the surface of the fabric, instead of being absorbed into it, allowing it to be quickly blotted and wiped clean, making the innovative textile ideal for use on any furniture at home. Moreover, performance fabric is ideal for any weather, including summer.

Ideas for using performance fabrics for decorating the kid’s room

A few places where performance fabrics find application in a kid’s room are on throws, throw cushions, curtains, floor cushions, and chair upholstery. Children’s rooms often have smaller stools and chairs for them to move around freely without the help of an adult. These stools can be upholstered with performance fabric so that even the messiest hands can’t damage the upholstery. Floor cushions make for a great seating arrangement and are sometimes treated as objects to toss around in kids’ rooms. Performance fabric upholstered floor cushions are resistant to wear and tear, making them ideal for such activities. Curtains and sunshades too, are great applications for performance fabric as they are fade-resistant and stain-resistant.

Creating the right ambience in a kid’s room with performance fabric

Natural light is of utmost significance in a child’s bedroom. At the same time, regulating the amount of light the room receives is equally significant. Drapes or curtains made of performance fabric are the ideal solutions in this setting. They work, mainly because they are fade-resistant and durable. It means that they do not fade regardless of the amount of time they are exposed to the sun’s rays. Moreover, even being exposed to the rain, heavy, powerful winds, humidity, mist and moisture do not tamper with the overall quality of the fabric. Whether you choose to use drapes in the entrance of the balcony of your kids’ room or perhaps curtains over the windows to regulate the amount of light and heat the room gets, performance fabric is ideal. A bonus is that the wide variety of colours and options that they are available in makes it easy to match or coordinate with the existing decor theme. 

Thanks to performance fabrics, finding the right fabric for a home, especially with kids and pets around is no longer a difficult task. With the plethora of benefits offered by these fabrics, there is no need to compromise on style in favour of performance! 

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