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Residence at Punkunnam, Thrissur, Kerala., LIJO.RENY.architects LIJO.RENY.architects Houses
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The kitchen is arguably the most important room in your home. It is a meeting place where meals are prepared and families gather to share stories from their day. The layout of your kitchen is essential to maximising the often little space we are provided. The positioning of the stove, fridge, benchtops and cupboards are all key elements in ensuring those of us preparing meals can easily move around the kitchen and not feel disorientated.

More and more we are seeing open plan kitchens in modern homes, as the trend of open plan living extends through to every room of the house. So if you are looking for some kitchen inspiration, we have compiled a list of some of India's finest kitchen designers, to help you decide how you may go about planning your new kitchen design.

All white

White Kitchen homify Classic style kitchen

White Kitchen


What a beautifully modern and clean kitchen from the experts at Home Makers Interior Designers and Decorators from Mumbai. At homify we can't fault this kitchen, every aspect of the design has been thoroughly thought out. From the spacious open plan with large benchtop, making it easy to prepare meals and share conversation at the same time, to the perfectly paired aluminium and black stools, silver and white appliances, and inconspicuous downlights. Having all the necessary requirements to prepare an amazing meal for family or when entertaining, we're sure everyone would be happy to have this kitchen in their home.

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Modern cubism

Cubism was an early 20th century art movement pioneered in Paris by a number of artists, including the iconic Pablo Picasso. It was characterised by a three dimensional viewpoint, and the use of strong lines for visual stimulation. Today, cubism is a term widely used in a more general sense, and modern cubism can be found in many examples of architecture and interior design.

This kitchen design was created by Sleek the Kitchen Specialist based in Mumbai. Here we see a modern take on the term, embracing the simplicity and beauty of linear functions, to create an art inspired kitchen which is both practical and eye catching. Notice the neutral tones of the cupboards, floor and wall, which are centred with a cube lampshade hanging from the roof. These elements match perfectly with the lines of the walls and bench.

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Beautiful benchtop

Choosing the right benchtop is a crucial element to the overall tone of your kitchen. It can be made of many different materials, and can be in a colour consistent to the kitchen, or can be made a focal point of the room. In this particular example you can see a very boldly designed benchtop. A creation from 3D International Arts and Gems, a firm in Jaipur who specialise in manufacturing benches, tiles and slabs from various semi-precious stones. This bench matches the colour scheme of the room, but is patterned unlike the cupboards and furnishings, making it a true focal point of this sleek kitchen design.

Inviting kitchens

Residence at Punkunnam, Thrissur, Kerala., LIJO.RENY.architects LIJO.RENY.architects Houses

Residence at Punkunnam, Thrissur, Kerala.


Here we see a great example of a kitchen that is warm and welcoming, inviting those not cooking to come into the kitchen to share a conversation. This room is in keeping with the open plan design of the home, and includes two small stools, and a long, thin bench with cushions, a perfect place to relax and the end of the day and share a story with loved ones while preparing meals.

Contrasting colours

Here we see a one-off kitchen, designed to draw attention to this room with its eye-popping cupboards, which have been constructed from different materials in varying colours and shapes. The white and red cupboard doors, are perfectly paired with the aluminium cupboards above, matching the hob they sit beside. Furthermore, the black appliances match the small black wall and black benchtop. 

What would your dream kitchen look like? Let us know in the comments below.

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