Modern Classic Interior Design Style for a Two-Bedroom Flat in Indirapuram

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These days, the modern-classic style can be seen dominating the field of interior design. It blends various attributes of the contemporary design with the unmatched simplicity of classic themes to create a serene yet striking space. Here, the interior designers and decorators from Lakkad Works, Delhi have followed a minimalist approach to create a timeless design that highlights sophistication. Each room introduces you to a diverse range of elements that have been skillfully tied together to reflect a sense of harmony. In addition, a neutral colour palette has been used for the walls to complement the colourful contemporary accessories perfectly. From the beautiful facade to the L-shaped living space and luxurious and expansive bedrooms, you will come across an array of impressive ideas.

Unusual and impactful

The front façade gives you a fair idea of the theme followed in the interiors of the house. It showcases an alluring fusion of the modern and the classic era. Here, the marble-clad wall with metal strips lends a voguish appeal, whereas the hanging lamps take you back to the Victorian era. 

Smart L-shaped construction

The interior architecture incorporates an L-shaped layout in the living space, which beautifully integrates the dining and the entertainment area while drawing a clear distinction between the two. The entire section has been optimally utilised and adorned with eye-catching accessories. Additionally, the dark floor tiles create an appealing contrast to the neutral-toned walls and accentuate the beauty of the entire room. 

Elegant entertainment cum relaxing room

This section of the living space has been designed purely for entertainment and relaxation. The sea-green coloured, well-cushioned sofa adds charm to the monochromatic surroundings. Also, it sits exactly opposite to the TV unit to offer a comfortable view of the screen. The metal strips used for the accent wall, centre table and the hanging fixture, seamlessly align with each other and produce a homogeneous environment. Moreover, the indoor plant infuses a natural freshness in the room.

Spectacular dining space

This dining section is in the other half of the L-shaped living room layout and has been designed to perfection. The six-seater marble dining table is in the centre of the room. It is classy and offers a luxurious feel to the entire setting. Precisely opposite the table is an exceptionally designed feature wall that truly steals the show. You can also observe how colourful paintings have been installed to lend artistic drama to the bare wall.

Chic and classy bedroom

This master bedroom exudes an unparalleled elegance with its muted colour palette. The polished and layered panel on the wall behind the bed instantly draws your eyes and goes well with the otherwise simplistic arrangement of the room. From the bed to the curtains, side tables and couch, a grey and beige theme has been used to evoke a sense of uniformity. Also, the textured wooden floors add warmth to the room and generate a relaxing ambience. 

Well-balanced colour combination

The room features the right balance between simplicity and vibrancy. Here, the gorgeous sliding wardrobe plays a dual role. As on the one hand, it acts as a real space saver and on the other hand, it uplifts the décor of the room with its maroon colour and flawless finish. The sober wallpaper, mustard-coloured bed and unique hanging lights are the rest of the elements that beautify this space. 

Artistic TV unit

Here is another picture of the bedroom that focuses on the contemporarily designed TV unit. The unit has been designed using the minimum amount of space while offering adequate storage capacity. It includes multiple open shelves and drawers to let you keep all your things in an organised manner. 

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