7 ideas for balcony floor decor

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For most people living in high rises in crowded cities balconies are their only windows to the world where they can enjoy sunshine and have a clear view of open skies. Balconies are best used as areas to relax or read with or to enjoy a cuppa with family and people decorate the area with planters, colorful wall paintings, floor mats, artificial grass and other details. Depending on budget one can just apply simple ideas like hanging planters or wall hangers to setup vertical gardens in the balcony that can become an inspiration for friends too. Based on space available one can even get a small landscaped garden with a fountain and planters all around too with the help of an experienced gardener. Hard to believe? You may consider it a dream but our interior decorators have set up balconies with beautiful customized floors and filled them with interesting idea that can be applied to make your home a paradise.

1. Linoleum floor

Want a floor that is beautiful, easy to maintain and long lasting? Then go for linoleum floors that are available in a wide range of patterns and colors to match your furniture.

2. Combination of tiles and artificial grass

See this rustic style balcony with industrial style wooden benches that look charming! The plain ceramic tiled floor gets a shot of color and liveliness with the artificial grass mat spread between them.

3. Limestone tiles

Want a fuss free balcony floor which does not worry about furniture scratches or scrapes from heavy planters? Then use natural stone tiles like here that lends country style touch to the spacious balcony surrounded by trees.

4. Wood floor

Wood lends an aesthetic appearance to any region where it is applied like here where the artificial grass around the floor rim adds pleasant air to the balcony. Drop down bamboo blinds protect the seating area from late afternoon sun while tiny colorful planters along the balcony railing enhance the warmth of this lovely relaxation area.

5. Concrete floor

Balcony Design, Greater Noida H5 Interior Design Rustic style balcony, veranda & terrace Wood effect
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Balcony Design, Greater Noida

H5 Interior Design

Simple concrete floor is ideal when you want something permanent that is sturdy and scratch resistant. The best feature of concrete floor is that it is easy to maintain and clean too.

6. Mats for natural look

When bamboo forms the wall backdrop and bamboo furniture is part of decor then its only appropriate that bamboo mats should adorn the floor too.

7. Multiple combinations

For those with an artistic bent of mind that want ideas that are out of the ordinary this combination is an ideal fit. Wood panels form a part of the flooring while a triangular corner has been paved with stones ton create a patch of green with a cool tub of water for the birds in summer. An environment conscious idea don't you think?

Here are some more striking pictures of balconies to whet your appetite for more decorative ideas.

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