Benefit from Solid Wood Furniture in Your Home

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Wood is the best choice for furniture, and even though alternatives like aluminium, steel and plastic are also available, homeowners still prefer wood for its durability. In this ideabook, our interior decorators have showcased some beautiful wood furniture models that you can get inspired by and try to replicate or customise with the help of an experienced carpenter to give your home a sophisticated look. The most significant advantage of wooden furniture is that you can choose the type of wood according to your budget and also to make it compatible with the existing décor theme of the house. Have you ever thought about giving old furniture a facelift? Beautifully carved vintage furniture is rarely seen nowadays. Still, some people restore those old furniture pieces and mix them with modern ones to give them new life and purpose. The designs featured here present some practical solutions that will make your home more functional and attractive.

Wood is versatile

Wooden furniture is extremely versatile and can fit into any area irrespective of design style or layout. In this modern dining area abutting the kitchen, the oval dining table and chairs blend charmingly against the pale beige tone of the dining area.

Worthy investment

Solid wood furniture, when maintained with a regular coat of varnish or polish to keep out termites, can last for several decades, saving you money as they won’t need to be replaced. This solid wood bookcase and chair can last a lifetime and are an integral part of the earthy reading room.

Touch of nature

The touch, feel, and appearance of natural wood is comforting as it is associated with nature. Adding natural wood to the home decor like in this image is an ideal way to create a warm abode.

A complete transformation of the interiors

Wood can transform the look of a room, be it the floor, walls or furniture. In this eclectic living room, it adds warmth and style and matches the wooden floor on the upper level.

Undeniable durability of wood

One of the benefits of making essential furniture and decorative details out of wood is its incredible durability. Solid wood is sturdy and can survive for decades if not generations. It is no wonder that wood removed from old houses is remade into small furniture pieces or fitted into another home to appreciate its value.

Wood lends character

The beautiful and artistic natural grains or streaks on wood give it a unique colour and texture, setting each piece apart from another. The natural grains on solid wood furniture pieces like the television panel, showcase and false ceiling panels all contribute to a room's personality and liven up the space.

Environment-friendly material

Solid wood is an environmental-friendly alternative to other materials like steel and aluminium as it is biodegradable. With sustainable tree farming becoming the norm, these days natural forests are no longer exploited as new saplings are planted to replace every tree that is cut down.

Wood makes an impact

Wood always makes an impression, whether it is used for flooring, wall panels, staircases, wall cabinets or furniture. Here the floor to ceiling bookshelf cum storage cabinet makes a statement in the home office by its mere presence. Designed from top quality teak wood, the cabinet is a stunning example of artistry and an excellent way to personalise a study or office to give it a distinct identity.

Learn about the types of wood and their usage in furniture before you decide to get solid wood furniture for your home.

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