9 futuristic items to add to your home

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Did you know that the average smartphone now has more technology in it than NASA’s first moon-landing spaceship? Surprising but true! In this age of globalisation, connectedness and technology it isn’t hard to feel as though we are living our very own futuristic science-fiction flick. These days we naturally want all of the latest gadgets and innovative products in order to create a dwelling that will work for us, making our lives just that little bit easier.

Behold, our 9 things to add to your home to give it a futuristic touch! From media rooms to spiral in-floor cellars, we have collated our favourite items that are sure to produce a little green-eyed envy in your friends and family. If you want to give your home futuristic update, read on below to learn more!

1. An awe-inspiring home theatre

A home theatre is a dream of many individuals. If you want to boost your dwelling’s futuristic tech-inspired aesthetic, then a home theatre or multi-function audio-visual centre is your answer. As an added bonus you are almost guaranteed to get the approval of any children or teenagers in the home.

2. Futuristic pool table

These days pool tables aren’t simply heavy timber monuments, taking up more space than you have to give. Instead pool or snooker tables are sleek, slick and offer a neat way to improve your home’s entertainment value. For that added futuristic touch, look for a table with built in lighting.

3. In-floor spiral cellar

Spiralweinkeller, JMF JMF Classic style wine cellar

An in-built spiral cellar simply oozes futuristic style. Take a peek at this impressive addition, and consider adding value to your home today. If you are considering a new cellar, don't forget to speak to an expert to get the correct placement and design.

4. A multi-function office and gym

What is better than a functional and stylish workspace? One with added high-tech gym equipment! This room is perfect for letting off a little steam after work, and looks positively futuristic.

5. A shiny stainless steel kitchen

Nothing says the future like stainless steel finishes, fittings and fixtures. This kitchen is the epitome of high-tech cool, and evokes an immediate feeling of science-fiction glamour.

6. The latest domestic grill

Futuristic cooking is… well, the future, and why not embrace it with the latest in domestic grilling? There is something truly wonderful about the raw simplicity of well-grilled food, and this can easily be part of your everyday experience with a new kitchen addition.

7. A statement-making kitchen island

Think outside the box with your kitchen design and choose something futuristic and forward thinking. This kitchen island is a statement in itself, and looks wonderful contrasted against the timber joinery.

8. An all-in-one shower and tub

This bathroom couldn’t possibly be any more futuristic! Not only does it boast incredible panoramic views, but the all-in-one cobra-esque shower and bath is utterly indulgent.

9. Futuristic artwork

The Torus homify ArtworkSculptures

The Torus


Finally, one cannot forget the gorgeous captivating quality of art. If you want to truly give your dwelling a futuristic touch, take a look at this example and get a little inspiration for your own domestic addition. This piece is ultramodern, space age and fabulous, enhancing this garden ten-fold.

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