A Unique Twist on Modern Design Exhibited in a Home in Bangalore

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Some homes exude a cosy and inviting look, like this home in Bangalore. The positive energy comes from the simple yet striking furniture, soft colours, and elegant design elements. The home’s unique interiors have been created by the interior designers and decorators of Jai Ho Interiors, Tamil Nadu. One of the hallmark features of the décor is the elegant choice of furniture and furnishings. Another impressive aspect is the combination of colours that brightens up the interiors of the home.

Stylish and Minimalist

The tan colour of the sofas livens up the trendy living room. It acts as the perfect contrast against the lighter shade that adorns one of the walls in the room. The metal tree of life installed at the centre of the accent wall balances all the colours well. The minimalist look of the room gets a beautiful contrast with the addition of a traditional and rustic-style centre table. 

Sleek with Straight Lines

The small living room has the perfect layout. The sofas are positioned in one corner of the room, while the TV unit sits on the opposite wall. The designers have picked a white laminate as it balances the colours beautifully. Further, the simple design creates a stylish display area while making the unit functional for the TV setup. A set of storage drawers sits below the unit, making it a well thought out design. 

Perfect Lighting

A simple white panel is a great backsplash for the TV. It is also an ideal place to tuck away recessed lighting. The background lights behind the panel add a beautiful effect to the space. Additionally, the designers have used a single chandelier to introduce a dramatic touch to the lighting effects in the room. A light sconce on the wall lends functionality to the room as it provides another option when the family needs more illumination in the room. 

Bright and Beautiful

A balcony can be designed in several ways. In this instance, the designers have used a variety of planters to add a green touch to the space. A small sink adds a functional element to the design. The light colour on the wall brightens the area as the vibrant green plants pop against the background.

Cool Ideas

Hanging ledges are a great way to add height to the design in any space. Here, the ledges feature indigo planters that add contrast. Similarly, a neon-yellow chair complements and accentuates the eclectic design elements of the balcony.

Fuss-Free Design

Blue and white laminates add a splash of colour to the open kitchen. The openness of the design combines with bright colours, adding the perfect touch to the interiors of the home. A small breakfast counter in the entrance to the kitchen is a smart addition as it is functional and stylish. 

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