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A stylish home in Mumbai full of surprise!

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Mumbai is a city where everyone wants to make it big in life, and reach for the sky. The citizens run after dreams and try and make the best of their lives. And this relentless spirit gets reflected in their homes too. As a city which is home to the Bollywood industry, and is a financial and cultural hub of India, Mumbai stands for lavish living in style!

This residence in Lower Parel, that we are about to tour today, was rendered by Nitido Interior Design, and is a fine example of an ideal Mumbai home. As we explore the house, you will be impressed by its sleek designs, comfy and warm decor, and functionality, all tinged with a hint of luxury. Sudden pops of colour combined with airiness and intelligent illumination have made this abode a visual treat of sorts.

Live with panache

White is the predominating colour for the interiors of this house, and the living room has made the best possible use of it. An L-shaped cool grey sofa offers adequate seating for both family and friends, and is accompanied by a quirky and curvy coffee table in wood. The sleek TV is wall mounted, and hangs over a light-coloured wooden console table which provides storage solutions suitably. The console is decked by a slim vase of flowers, while an eclectic chair and a monochrome artwork adorns the left side of the TV. On the right stands a simple but extremely utilitarian cabinet with both open and shuttered shelves. You can easily arrange books, plants and display decorative knickknacks using this. 

Elegant dining with comic relief

A simple and robust wooden dining table along with four modish chairs occupy the place of pride in the living area. A fresh bunch of flowers softens the austerity of the wood, and lends cheer too. The assortment of basic but fashionable pendant lights is simply stunning, and it casts a romantic glow over the table. The comic relief comes in form of the framed colourful posters depicting the antics of a famous cartoon hero! It isn’t hard to figure out that the owner is an avid fan of Tintin for sure.

Warm and inviting kitchen

Ample doses of natural wood have made this kitchen an oasis of warmth and snugness. The array of cabinets both below and above the countertop, can easily store crockery, cutlery, dinnerware, ingredients and more. The dark grey U-shaped countertop offers ample room for movement, prepping and cooking. And the backsplash area is extensive and lined with black mosaic. This way, you won’t have to continuously keep cleaning the kitchen after a cooking session!

Feel rested and invigorated

The cosy bedroom is again a canvas of white, with splashes of grey and warm wooden tones thrown in. Large windows let in adequate sunlight for a cheerful ambiance during the day. Recessed lights take care of the inhabitant’s comfort after sunset. The stylish wooden panel facing the bed, houses the television and a sleek console for organising CDs, DVDs, remotes and more. The tall cabinet in the corner comes with both open shelves and drawers for arranging private and display-worthy items with equal ease.

Organisation reaches a new high

You can’t help but fall in love with this walk-in closet, which is nothing less than a luxury in modern times, when space is usually much coveted. Wall to wall and floor to ceiling shelves rule this nook, and help you to arrange all your clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories with élan. Bright lighting aids in finding the things you are looking for.

Intelligent bathroom

A fair-sized mirror makes this compact bathroom appear spacious and breathable, accompanied by bright lighting. Note how the glossy white sink countertop comes with storage room underneath for organising towels, bathrobes, bath essentials, dirty laundry etc. And since the cabinet and shelves are wall mounted, the floor area is saved too! The WC is a simple, minimalistic affair, while a glass shower cubicle stands on the other end, and makes the space appear expansive.

Feeling inspired by this chic and beautiful Mumbai home? Make use of the ideas that you liked best, for your own project too. Here’s another home tour to fuel your creativity - A sunny urban home filled with surprise!

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