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Beautiful wooden accents for the home

Ronda Cochroche Ronda Cochroche
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A home is a nest, a place where we ready ourselves for the day ahead. A crucial part of a home is the kitchen: it embodies the core of a house since a large part of our day is spent in this very room to eat, but also to regroup. A modern kitchen encompasses fluidity, efficiency and space to work on the next meal. Sometimes, the addition of wooden accents makes all the difference in the world. A few simple steps can transform any kitchen: the key is a balance of different elements. Earth tones, images and materials soften the lines and surfaces of metal and concrete. Furthermore, metal and concrete will reshape the conventional use of wood and marble. These are aspects that normally would clash, but when combined, they complement each other to modernise the kitchen altogether.

Sunshine kitchen

In a warm color toned kitchen it is as if the sun beams from all corners so cooking ideas come to life here. A dark and rustic choice of wood agrees with the mustard walls. Storage is made easy as well as decoration options like the mason jars filled with various contents along the wooden shelf.

Efficient fluidity

This picture represents an example of a spacious kitchen: it leaves room for movement and shapes the room. The lighting in this room is a clear marker for an “open” effect: from the ceiling to above the isle and the window, that is an invitation to stay in the room. The presence of wood is clearly known in this picture with the amber shade of the floors and the ceiling beams which are crucial for the foundation and support of the room as well as bringing fluidity to the ceiling.

Room for light

Here space and light reign supreme. This unobstructed kitchen shows that sometimes less is more. The choice of pastel tone of the cabinet make the room come to life. Since the light is not stopped, it spreads everywhere.  The natural tone of wood compliments those of the entire kitchen. The cold color choice of the cabinet and kitchen island make the stools stand out, as if asking to take a seat.

Beaming up

The wooden beams are the focal point in this kitchen;they direct the attention to the center of the room and frame the space. Beautiful lines and angles reshape the idea of what a kitchen can be. Therefore, including wood in this environment brings nature, structure and direction into the kitchen.

Home is where the kitchen is

A few aspects point towards the wooden counter such as the triangular range hood and lights, as well as the white tones of the room. In this kitchen designed by Nic Antony Architects the wood almost pops out of the picture, and with reason since a kitchen counter is the focal point of any kitchen activity. It adds personality and harmonizes itself wonderfully with the rest of the room.

Wood from top to bottom

With its strong horizontal and vertical lines, wood is used in its greatest form. The light bounces off the ceiling and expands this kitchen greatly. The sturdy dark kitchen isle makes a tribute to its environment by adding texture and depth. 

The angular shape of this room is embellished by the stone and metal tones. They accentuate the space while showing off the ceiling expanse. The lines in this room are uninterrupted and true. This kitchen recreates the idea of a forest with earth accents and robust, layered wooden beams where natural light streams through the room. 

Cozy, yet practical kitchen

A lot can be done in this kitchen because of its large working areas. The wooden elements are sporadic and balance this cozy yet practical kitchen. The isle is crowned by a massive piece of wood that engages charm to this room. Its rounded off edges suggest that it has seen more than a few days of work and makes an appeal for more culinary concoctions to be done.

Kitchen lab

Here stands a laboratory for cooking inventions! The floor is of a three-dimensional effect that endows this kitchen with dynamism. Wood remains a strong element because of the support beams on the ceiling that bring height to this kitchen. Also, the expansive wooden table and black overhead lights are essential components of this room and tempts anyone to try out recipe projects.

A kitchen stance

The delightful simplicity of this room is accentuated by the robust wooden counter and tile work. The light color pallet softens the sturdiness of the wood used in this kitchen. Although very different they each other, these materials make for a comfortable room to cook in. It is simply enjoyable space.

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