9 Creative Ideas for Using Wall Stencils to Liven up your Home Decor

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To make homes attractive and unique interior decorators are always ready to experiment with modern designs and innovative styles. The current trend is to keep wall decor details simple but attractive, and homeowners prefer to keep colours light but use the best paint available in the market for the ceiling and walls. Walls and ceilings present a broad scope for experimenting. Besides paintings, wallpaper, decorative paint and decals, stencils are regarded as an innovative and imaginative way to enhance these surfaces.

From eclectic designs on the living room wall to colourful cartoons in nurseries, funny graphics on bathroom or kitchen walls and even decorative art on the ceiling, stencils are an artist’s dream come true. The trick is to stick to a particular theme across the house to have an aesthetic flow, be it traditional designs or geometric shapes. Wall stencils are also a great way to bring art and drama to empty corridors, stairwells or dark kitchens with little sunlight. Simple details like the house number or name stencilled on a glass window next to the front door or wall with tiny graphics work well in creating an identity for the home. We have collated a few inspirational wall stencil ideas, in this ideabook, which blend well with the furniture, decor and upholstery, giving you ideas on how to enhance the beauty of your home creatively.

1. Diyas to signify the temple

If you want to make your puja area stand out from other storage areas, this simple stencil design presents an idea of how it can be used to enhance the overall decor of this eclectic bedroom.

2. A touch of nature

Nature-inspired wall stencils laid out like framed pictures in this living room along with cosy rattan furniture upholstered in bright silky hues combine with grass rugs, beautiful coffee tables and other details to create a warm and earthy ambience.

3. Geometric design

This eye-catching dramatic stencil comprising geometric shapes that merge into one lends an exciting depth to the corridor wall. Besides adding depth and colour to an otherwise dull wall, it creates an illusion by making the corridor look long and wide from a distance.

4. Flowers on the wall

Balcony and loft walls are tricky places to put up stencils, but here this design that looks like vines with leaves creeping along the wall is a great way to add an exciting element in the area.

5. Along the staircase

If creepers can glide over balcony walls, why not have tree branches moving along a staircase wall? We love how this dark stencil adds life to the wall by sharply contrasting the yellow railing.

6. Stylish floor stencil

Are you bored with your dull tiles? This attractive stencil design will brighten up the floor, but take care to ensure that the pattern is laid out in an even line.

7. Alcove stencilling

Generally, alcoves are dark places that gather dust quickly and are often neglected, especially if they are next to staircases. However, a colourful stencil such as this can make the area more attractive and encourage people to linger and admire the artistic vibe.

8. Kids bedroom wall

Enchant your kids with a cheerful stencilled wall that looks like a charming puzzle with curved lines that create a maze-like effect.

9. Door layout

This design makes use of a striped pattern to create a stunning profile for the entrance door. The stencil layout produces a panelled effect that is hard to ignore.

If you are still contemplating the right wall decor for your home, do look at this ideabook on how wall decorations affect our mood to get some innovative ideas.

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