A Stunning Home With A Magical Twist!

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The bustling environs of Sao Jose do Rio Preto in Brazil make it one of the largest cities of South America. Nestled in one of its many gleaming sky scrapers is this design gem – the Apartamento AM4, designed by the eminent designers and architects at Studio Luiz Veneziano. This apartment deviates from the typical vibrant landscape of this part of the world, and instead brings in a refreshingly modern take on the Nordic school of design. We welcome you to join us on this home tour and enjoy this lovely apartment!

Sophistication and Warmth in the Living Room

A stellar colour palette and a dramatic layer of pattern greet you in the living room. The effect is striking when juxtaposed with the beige sofa in its pinch button style and the swivel chairs that sit well in all formal Nordic design homes. A white coffee table picks up from the white specks on the rug. On the other side, a wall of glass windows does away with brick and mortar for a more open feel. 

Drama and minimalism in the entryway

The minimalism of the modern school of design has been married with Nordic style by bringing in slim proportions and widths in an expansive space. The refreshing part here is that there are no empty corners—just a few slim and chic elements that make for the minimal modern look. 

​The Sleek Dining Room

Separated by a slim screen and a pocket of nature, the dining room sits next to the living room in the huge hallway. The beige and white chairs sit around a slim black top table that almost looks like a sheet of paper. Yet, there is no mistaking the fact that the solid contours of the furniture create a lofty design appeal in this area. 

​Organic Design in the Kitchen

The open space of the dining seamlessly flows into the kitchen space. There is an interesting patch of interior landscaping with a wall of greenery that soothes the senses. The grey, brown and white kitchen has a strong play of chrome and other modern flavours built into its Nordic appeal as well. 

​Warm Hues in the Bedroom

The bedroom has been done up with all the modern staples – a neat, linear design for the bed, a standalone one seater that is comfortable and easy on the aesthetic senses, and a lamp leaning over stylishly. The retro art and the warm colours add to the modern appeal and create a log cabin like feel.

The Wooden Bathroom

The bathroom is a predominantly dressed in wood. The pristine and glossy white fixtures shine even more brightly when they are mounted on the warm wooden panels and counters of this space. On a last note, we loved the Nordic and modern day appeal of this home which makes it a unique and well-designed space that brings in subtle details that tease the senses. 

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