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Hotel Bristol , Das Haus Interiores - by Sueli Leite & Eliana Freitas Das Haus Interiores - by Sueli Leite & Eliana Freitas Commercial spaces Ceramic White
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Today’s home tour feature is a little different from the normal since. We indulge ourselves with a super luxurious treat, which unfolds in the form of a luxe hotel property in Brazil. 

Known for its thriving nightlife and vibrant shopping scene, Belo Horizonte is a tourist magnate of sorts. It’s also the place where our latest tour site –Bristol Hotel—is located. This fancy hotel sits in an upmarket and trendy area of Belo Horizonte and sees a steady influx of global travellers and tourists. The hotel has been designed by Sueli Leite for Das Haus Interiores, a group of well-known interior designers in Brazil. Keeping a global world view and lofty design standards in mind, the designer has rendered a space that is classy and subtle with a charm of its own. So let’s get started on this fabulous tour.

​Classic Touches in the Comfortable Bedroom

This suite is a perfect example of classic touches that bring in a strong element of comfort and luxury. The wood-panelled headboard with the dark outlines make for a linear look that is trendy, as lamps sit squarely on each corner. A red fish art installation sits above the bed, on a pretty pattern in brown and white. The solid brown and black striped bedding combines well with the white sheets and a layered look is achieved in the bargain.

​White and Mocha Dominate the Lobby

The elegant and modern-looking lobby brings in a warm and welcoming vibe thanks to its cosy environs. The setting of the receptionist desk along with the seating is such that you feel like you are in the living room of a plush home. The warm mocha shades of wood run as panels across the length and breadth of the space, leaving space for plenty of white in the design scheme. A mocha couch matches the wood finishes as two contoured couches and a grey end table sit across, with a modern and comfortable vibe spreading over the area.

​Artsy Touches in the Restaurant

The restaurant boasts of white, beige and mocha shades, bringing in the same vibe as the lobby. Numerous pieces of art dot random pillars like the metal contoured plunging man on the pillar next to the black granite and beige wooden counter. The lamps stand steadily in their designated spots on the walls, shedding light casually on the diners and their gourmet meals, while solid beams criss-cross each other in squares along the ceiling. Round wooden tables with simple chairs and rope detailing add to the overall style quotient as white blinds create an open and expansive feel.

Practical Use of Space in the Suites

The suites of this hotel are designed to make the compact spaces look expansive while style is at its zenith even as comfort is the main element. The sleek study area in this suite is a perfect example of the same, with a classic swivel chair in leather sitting next to a block of wood carved into a modern looking table with a cool lamp. On the other side of the bed, a mirror makes an appearance to help you take one last look as you leave the room.

​Soaking in the Delightful Sunshine by the Pool

The pool side is divided into various areas with seating scattered for a more private feel. This particular nook is our favourite with its simple circle holding a splash pool as a large rattan chair and stool duo sit by, waiting for you to take a sip of your drink.

The All White Conference Room

We end the tour with this expansive conference room which is an all-white affair with a simple bank of folding tables running in a U all around the room. Red chairs bring in a tangy touch. 

Whether it is the lighting or the soothing play of colours, or even its textures, this gorgeous hotel is simply stunning and wins on all fronts. As guests, its a place we would love to come back again and again! 

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