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cristianavannini | arc Eclectic style living room
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This cosy apartment in Milan designed by CRISTIANAVANNINI | ARC shows that you can create a homely, comfortable feel in a home, without cluttering it. Use of less furniture, ample free space, big French windows that bath the home in plenty of natural light, and a perfect blend of rustic earthiness and modern beauty, makes this home unique and stunning.

Purple kitchen

In a step away from the living and dining area, the compact kitchen is bold in it's use of the colour purple. The narrow space has been utilized effectively with cabinets lining an entire wall, and continuing below and above the kitchen counter. To further save space the stove and the sink have been built into the kitchen counter. While a white kitchen counter, backsplash and lower cabinets, balance out the vivid purple shade of the rest of the cabinets.

Serene living room

The living room emanates a sense of serenity and exoticness. The light grey-blue ceiling, sofa, rug and a dark painting bring in the cooler side of the colour palette, while a big painting with a warm yellow base, yellow and orange accents on the rug and the brown love couch are elements from the warmer side of the colour wheel. An un-curtained big French brightens up the room, while the Mongolian/Japanese painting and other curios scattered on the floor flaunt the owner's travelled past

Rustic dining area

The dining area continues from the living area and is a part of the same room. It too has ample light because of a big French window on one side and continues the same pattern of minimal rusticness with a four seater round dining table and a few sideboards showcasing other souvenirs and stories. Wooden flooring further enhances the modern rustic beauty of this space.

Shelved passageway

Space has also been used effectively in the narrow passageway leading to the bedrooms. Off white wooden shelves line an entire wall, and also blend into the space because they are same shade of off white as the walls. The passageway looks like a cross between a library and a photo gallery, while the shelves house books, the wall opposite to it has been used to showcase photographs. 

Vibrant headboard

A sneak peek into one of the bedrooms, gives us a glimpse of a vibrant headboard with a blue wooden frame and a quilted white headboard with bright pink flowers splayed across it. An unconventional sketch of two swans and other modern paintings on the wall, give us a hint about the eclectic taste of the one's who live here.

Spacious bathroom

A sense of space dominates the bathroom. Again a big French window leading to a balcony has a lot to do with this. But it is also the use of white on the walls and ceiling, toilet fittings and a stool and a big round mirror on one wall, that helps to make this space look bigger than it is. The bathroom further sticks to a monochromatic palette with black tiles below the mirror, and a patterned black and white flooring.

Soak in the tub

A bathtub is always better than a shower and so there is a simple white bathtub framed in black tiles one side of this bathroom. Frosted glass on the windows lend more privacy, soaking the tub becomes is leant more luxury by a painting one side and the modern steel lamp above. A dark green Pothos plant in a corner adds a touch of freshness.

Study below

The other room has two sections. There is a simple study below, with an old fashioned desk cabinet that can be closed when not in use and a few comfortable chairs strewn around it. A soft white woolen rug, a round white lamp and a light coloured painting compliment the pastel blue walls of this room and maintains the same calm feel that the rest of the home has.

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