A Gorgeous and Inviting Family Abode in Surat

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For Dinesh Tharnani’s home, Image n Shape architects based in Surat, have combined tradition, functionality and beauty, for a marvellous final result. This house exhibits warm and cosy aesthetics in generous amounts, in every nook and corner; from rich wooden furniture, to the unique lighting, profusion of cheerful colours, intriguing textures, and a cordial ambiance. Comfort has received as much focus as style, and the union of modern chic and old world charm will impress you for sure! A fascinating home tour is in store for you.

The Beautiful Welcoming Facade

The house faces the street, and has an attractive earthy facade with a contrasting turquoise gate. The unique gate is in traditional Indian style, and crafted with wood and wrought iron. It takes you back to the times of the rajas and maharajas in India. Painted elephants adorn the side pillars, giving you a warm welcome. A bright yellow garland made from marigolds top the entrance for a very ethnic touch.

Nature comes inside: The courtyard

As one enters the premises, a large courtyard welcomes you further with its simple earthy tones. Warmly lit up by yellow lamps, the courtyard doubles up as a mini-garden with potted plants and the basil plant, considered extremely holy by the Hindus. In the centre, a traditional brass vessel filled with flowers and floating candles, ushers you in. There is grace and homeliness written all over this courtyard.

Swinging times: Leisure nook

These steps lead you to a swing that is fashioned with traditional carved woodwork and enamelled designs. The tiles on the floor are of an earthy hue, and reflect the yellow lighting from the lamps above. Plants flank the steps on the left, and lend a touch of green. Ornate and quaint tables hold antiques and artefacts, while a glamorous tower of metal pots oozes with luxury in an understated way. The room gives you the feeling of being in the durbar or court of a king.

Greet guests in style: Living room

This living room follows the decor of the other parts of the house; warm yellows and oranges combine with the rich wooden tones of the furniture effortlessly. Ample cushions, wooden overhead beams, and soothing lighting make this a comfortable room for conversations. Don’t  miss the traditional wall insets housing cosy lamps, and offering visual delight.

Entertainment time: The den

Designed to resemble a theatre, this room has a two level seating arrangement, with tons of vibrant-hued cushions lying around. Lighting is even more subtle here, and is interspersed within the wooden rafters overhead. The walls are a bright glossy yellow, and add to the cheery feel of the den. The tiered seating arrangement faces a large screen TV on the other end of the room, while a couple of comfy beanbags promise sheer leisure. A perfect place to catch up on the latest blockbuster with the extended family.

Cosy and Joyful: Dining room

This is another cosy and endearing part of the house, meant for that tete-a-tete with the family over a hearty meal. Cheery mealtimes are indicated with this well crafted, round dining table and stylish chairs. Indian paintings on the wall and brass artefacts in the corners, add that aesthetic finish to the room.

Fun corner: The children’s bedroom

This room is a stark contrast to the rest of the house in its fun and practical approach. The lighting is of the bright white type, because it is the children’s room. Colours abound here, with the yellow blending with the red door and the white floor harmoniously. A large bed takes up the centre of the room, complete with snug cushions and cuddly toys. No-nonsense shelves line the corner with see-through doors, offering ideal storage for the children’s things.

Dhiren Tharnani’s home is an inspiration in itself. The architects have used the principles of light, space and colour, in perfect conjunction with other aesthetic elements. Surely a happy place to live in! Here’s another home tour to fuel your creative thirst - An Elegant Family Home Designed In A Contemporary Style.

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