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A stunning family home in Surat

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Architects Image n Shape from Surat have imagined paradise and recreated it on earth. ‘Samrath’ in Hindi, translates to ‘Emperor’ and true to its name, Samrath Paradise is nothing short of royal and heavenly residence. Surat is an immensely prosperous city in Gujarat, and is famous as a diamond and silk hub. Naturally, the citizens are well to do, and their houses exude lavish aura. And the house we are about to tour today also reflects that spirit quite beautifully.  

Luxurious materials and gorgeous textures have united in this lavish home, to ensure comfort and functionality with equal ease. Contemporary architecture and futuristic designs rule the roost with élan. The architects have tried to bring in the concept of large spaces and introduced dashes of colours, to lend a distinctive look to the apartment. Let’s take a tour of the paradise we speak of!

The dining area: Royal repast

The dining room is another generous space that is separated from the living room by a series of side boards. Having an open dining area is advantageous, since you can get to be a part of the party even while you are eating! Large French style windows let in the breeze when opened, and are curtained for privacy in sheer fabrics. The lighting is bright but well distributed, with a stylish contemporary chandelier hanging from the wooden accent on the ceiling, stealing the show. An indoor plant lends a touch of green to the white and beige ambiance.

Luxury and space: The living room

Enter the apartment’s living room, and you will see that white and beige are the predominant colours here. The opulent marble floor draws the eye to the large space that has been left uncluttered. Plush beige sofas invite you to lounge in them as you chat cosily with family and friends. Artwork, potted greens, luxurious drapes, and soothing lighting infuse the area with warmth and aesthetic pleasure. This is an apartment that is meant for lavish entertainment. Have more people dropping by? Grab the white geometrically inspired chairs, and get your party started!

Enter with a smile

While this apartment does not have a garden inside it, the creative flower arrangements make up for the lack of greenery. A silver finished leaf-like tray gives a lovely touch to the entrance, both classy and traditional at the same time.

A kitchen for kings

The kitchen at Samrath Paradise is a dazzling show of art and design.  This is an area where functionality takes the stage, but design does not lag behind. The counter tops are long and provide ample space to move around and execute culinary tasks. What catches the eye is the wall behind the stove area – made of multi coloured tiles set around the window. It infuses this space with bold brightness and life. Storage spaces have been provided below the counters, and above as well. After all, regal cooking needs a number of ingredients too!

Rest in regal style: The bedroom

This bedroom deviates slightly from the rest of the house, in its colour scheme. The dominating shades here are browns and salmon pink against a white canvas. The warm wooden flooring in this uncluttered bedroom, grabs the eye with its smooth finish. A feature wall in wooden hues and interesting textures, houses the sleek entertainment unit complete with a wall-mounted white console. Relax in the comfortable and luxuriously large bed as you catch up on some television. The large French windows, a quaint potted plant in the corner, and a plush rug assures you peerless comfort under the calming glow of the concealed lighting on the false ceiling!

Colours galore: Another bedroom

Here is a look at another bedroom at Samrath Paradise. This one is a riot of colours, starting with the bedcovers and the exquisite feature wall behind the headboard. The pleasant combination of green and dark wooden hues on the feature wall, hints at the influence of natural shades in the bedroom. A massive closet in lavish white and geometric patterns, houses a tall mirror with a dressing unit to help you get ready before going out.

Compact wonder: The bathroom

This bathroom is a compact place that addresses the needs of a modern city life with ample luxury. Well lit on all sides, the long mirror lends a spacious feel to the room. Stylish fittings that bring together functionality with rich taste are strewn all over the space; be it the tasteful rug on the floor, or the well sanitary wares.

Samrath Paradise is an abode for luxury lovers, the kings of modern times. The apartment is the very essence of style and elegance, with a fair share of contemporary trends thrown in. If you are looking for more inspiring ideas, here is another home tour for you - A South Indian home full of surprise!

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