7 creative landscape ideas to refresh the indoors

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In the urban areas where cities are expanding vertically, the thing that we miss the most is the peace and tranquillity of nature lost amidst the concrete jungle. Modern landscape architects bring greenery indoors by designing areas with indoor landscaping, also popularly called 'plantscaping', to add visual serenity to the home interiors. Creatively designed indoor landscaping creates a natural environment that appeals to the senses while adding aesthetic appeal to the interior decor. Have a look at these 7 lovely landscaping ideas curated for you.

1. The green corner

Designed to fit into a wooden box, this indoor garden decorates the corner of the house, with sunlight seeping through the sunroof and window, providing the ideal environment for the plants to survive. The mini garden is created using many small planters surrounding a large pot placed over smooth pebbles. A variety of plants has been chosen to bring in colour and texture to the indoor garden. A spotlight highlights the indoor garden vignette when the sun goes down.

2. Vertical landscaping

An indoor landscape with a cascading patch of greenery covering the wall makes space come alive with its vibrant colour and energy. Explore the length, breadth, and height of the wall to create a vertical indoor landscape. This kind of design looks great when the balcony is merged with the living room to create the illusion of an increased room size. Even otherwise, a wall can be dedicated to a vertical garden that refreshes the interiors.

3. Landscaping in the partition

Equal-sized wooden boxes holding different plants on the partition creates a vertical indoor landscape with a dual purpose – dividing the space and making room for the plants in planters. The idea of creating an indoor landscape in the partition opens up immense design opportunities. All you have to do is unleash your creativity.

4. Scattered plantscaping

Make a garden indoors with various plants in different styles and sizes of pots and planters scattered all over the house. The basic rule of this type of indoor landscaping is ‘no rule.’ No matter where you stand or sit, you will have greenery from the indoor landscape adorning the interior decor.

5. Garden on the windowsill

Windowsills are the popular spot for indoor landscaping. Create a windowsill garden by either placing several small pots scattered over the ledge to fill the space or opting for a single narrow planter to hold several small and medium-sized plants. Bring in variation by choosing plants in different sizes and colours.

6. The repetitive charm of nature

Repetition creates a pattern, which adds to the aesthetics. Design modern indoor landscaping around this philosophy by choosing to create rows and columns of similar pots. Repeat the plants too and see how the symmetry in nature and design will enhance the indoor garden's elegance.

7. Pots, planters and a living wall

Colourful pots hanging on the grill, planters resting on the floor, and a wall made lively with a living wall – you can merge the best of everything to create a complete garden indoors so that you don’t miss the luxury of having a private garden in the outdoors. 

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Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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