10 wow-worthy style ideas for your modern walls

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Some say there’s nothing sadder than a blank wall. We, on the other hand, prefer to see a blank, empty wall as a space for planning and potential. A space where we can experiment with colours, accessories, and even new architectural add-ons.

So, without dragging it out too long, let’s look at 10 tried-and-tested ways to add style and functionality to your home’s blank (but not for long) walls. 

1. For wow-worthy walls: Oversized art

You have no idea how fantastically an oversized painting or photograph can demand attention, especially if it flaunts colours, patters and textures different to the wall’s. 

2. For wow-worthy walls: A gallery wall

Reception area Jam Space Ltd Eclectic style living room
Jam Space Ltd

Reception area

Jam Space Ltd

Instead of one giant piece, how about lots of little ones? A perfect arrangement of framed photos depicting family, friends, pets, travels, etc. can instantly add detail and personality to a blank wall. Style-wise you can go with simple, consistent frames to induce a modern/contemporary look, or mix things up a bit with frames in various designs and colours. 

homify hint: To create the illusion of a larger space, extend your gallery wall up to the ceiling. 

3. For wow-worthy walls: An accent wall

Violet Flowers Pixers Eclectic style living room Multicolored

Violet Flowers


Painting simply one wall in a room has nothing to do with laziness and everything to do with planning ahead. Opting for a different colour than the rest of the walls (say, a striking marigold orange contrasting from whites) instantly adds detail (an accent wall) to the room. But of course this can also be completed with wallpaper, stencilling, wall decals, cladding, etc. 

homify hint: Ensure you pick the right wall. Usually accent walls are chosen for rooms that don’t have any architectural features (like a beautiful fireplace). And in case you want to choose a wall with lots of windows, refrain from too-dark accent colours as the incoming bright light, clashing with the darker wall colour, can easily overwhelm a space. 

4. For wow-worthy walls: Mirrors

As mirrors reflect light and space, they instantly make a room seem bigger and brighter. Thus, don’t be shy to go with an oversized mirror to really cash in on more visual space. 

5. For wow-worthy walls: A painted mural

Tree Pixers Scandinavian style dining room

A properly painted wall mural can definitely make a style splash, and they’re not only for children’s rooms anymore. However, you may need to have some artistic talent for this one – or just hire one of our experienced professionals

6. For wow-worthy walls: Shelving

No more floor space in that room? Then let’s see how your wall can help with some wall-mounted shelving for storage- and display purposes. These can help with books, potted plants, travel keepsakes, framed photographs… anything that can add more detail and personality to the space without overwhelming it. 

7. For wow-worthy walls: Sculptural sconces

Photography for Kingshall Estates / Vastu Interiors - House in Northwood, London Adelina Iliev Photography Modern style bedroom
Adelina Iliev Photography

Photography for Kingshall Estates / Vastu Interiors—House in Northwood, London

Adelina Iliev Photography

There are lighting fixtures that add illumination, and then there are ones that add illumination and a fine dose of artistic style to a space. Depending on the style and functionality of the room, those walls can help flaunt some striking wall sconces (as they don’t take up any floor space) that double up as décor pieces. 

8. For wow-worthy walls: Plants

Living Interiors - Vertical Gardens Living Interiors UK ArtworkOther artistic objects
Living Interiors UK

Living Interiors—Vertical Gardens

Living Interiors UK

Who said indoor plants are exclusive to windowsills? Let’s see how those walls can inspire with some hanging plants, wall-mounted planters, a vertical garden…  

9. For wow-worthy walls: A mounted TV

TVs are no longer restricted to living rooms. Thus, if a flat-screen television is the ideal option to add style and functionality to your room / walls, then who are we to argue?

10. For wow-worthy walls: Extra storage

Dining homify Industrial style kitchen



Never overlook the importance of storage. To make future decluttering projects easier on yourself, see where you can shove in some additional storage spots like floating shelves, furniture with built-in storage compartments, cubbies, bookcases, etc.

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