A Grand Residence in Mexico

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This home was designed by AAESTUDIO, an architecture office located in Zapopan, Mexico. The designers sought to create a spacious and welcoming living environment that would transmit qualities of tranquility and relaxation. 

Employing double height and large windows, the house has a strong connection to the external environment; while the location of glazing retains as much privacy as possible without the need for physical barriers, so the residents can contemplate the dramatic urban sprawl from almost any space—including the bathroom!

Mysterious street face

The street facade offers very few clues of what is coming. Responding to both the slope of the site and the slope of the street, the horizontal, boxy structure has an air of mystery. 

The concrete structure, armoured with a black garage door, is a touch brutal in nature and entirely closed to the public realm.

Volume, proportions, and materials

The residence is, in fact, comprised of three volumes that contrast and interact with each other in proportion and materiality. Materials such as steel, natural stone, and wood give the volumes individual identities; resulting in varied readings of the different facades. 

The formal language of the home is developed around large open spaces, prioritising both function and aesthetics.

Opening out

This facade is the most open yet—extensive glazing allows for seamless connections between the interior and the exterior. 

Opening onto a grand patio, which steps down to an even grander pool area, a vista of the magnificent city-scape is revealed. 

Bespoke interior

The interior design, complete with furniture selection, was also tasked to the design finesse of AAESTUDIO, giving the overall design a considered and holistic appearance. 

Much of the furniture was, in fact, made in the AAESTUDIO workshop. This ensured the utmost quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. 

The kitchen

The simplicity of the kitchen has a very contemporary feel, while the material palette favours luxury and complexity. The space is perfectly connected to the dining space and the greater social space of the home. 

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A bathroom with a view

And last, but certainly not least, we get a glimpse of those impressive bathroom views that were mentioned earlier. If that wasn't enough drama and luxury for you—there is also marble lining the walls from floor to ceiling. No opulence has been spared here! For more bathroom ideas, take a look through these examples!

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