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10 Essentials for a small home office

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Whether you're working from the comfort of home or from a tiny cubicle in an over-crowded office, work is still work, and it gets to your after a while. However, if you have the privilege of working from home, you should definitely take advantage of the fact that you can create your very own personal working environment to suit your needs and style. You can be as unconventional as you wish, and even create a space for you to take naps between working hours. 

This idea guide features 10 essentials for a home office that will create the conducive working environment that you've been dreaming about. Investing time and effort in creating the optimal working environment in your home office will result in higher work productivity and performance, so don't think of it as a waste of time. It will also keep you inspired and motivated to work. Let's browse through some of these ideas shall we? 

A cosy sofa

A cosy sofa in the home office is an excellent way of giving yourself that much needed break. A short nap between working hours can help you work more efficiently. 

Comfy office chair

Long hours of sitting at the desk in front of a computer screen can be straining for your back and neck. Make sure you invest in a comfy office chair for your home office. It will make the long working hours more bearable and also save you from a lot of aches and pains. 

Shelf space

A cluttered home office doesn't provide a conducive working environment. Make sure you have sufficient shelf space to store away all your books and files. 

Hide away your cables

Cable-Tidy Home Office Desk Finoak LTD Study/officeDesks
Finoak LTD

Cable-Tidy Home Office Desk

Finoak LTD

Cables sprawled all over a desk can look extremely messy, unsightly, and chaotic. This doesn't help when you're trying to get work done. Hide away your cables with a table like the one pictured here to create a neat space where you can work clear-headed. 

The cable-tidy home office desk pictured here is available from Finoak LTD, an online shop in Bournemouth, England. 


Although art may not seem like an essential in a home office, a creative space definitely is because creative spaces stimulate us and help us work more productively. Pictured here, we see a home office with an abstract art piece against the wall and a unique looking lampshade. 


Add plants to your home office to liven up the space and let nature work its zen magic on you. Plants also add oxygen and fresh air, helping our brains work better. 

Keep it cool

Your working environment should have an optimal micro-climate and temperature so that you can work comfortably. Equip your home office with a fan or air-conditioning if necessary. 

Create versatility

Create versatility in your home office with a desk like the one pictured here. This way you can put away your computer and give yourself a time-out when the you're overheating with stress. You can also use the office desk for other purposes this way. 


Shelves are great, but sometimes they are not enough. At times you need cabinets in your home office to stash away the things you'd rather not have staring you in the face all the time. 


Home office wall mural Transform a Wall ArtworkPictures & paintings
Transform a Wall

Home office wall mural

Transform a Wall

Last but not least, don't forget to add a little inspiration to your office. This could be a beautiful mural or inspirational quotes, whatever rocks your boat and keeps you going. 

We hope you managed to find some interesting ideas and inspiration for your home office through this idea guide. For more home tips and ideas, have a look at Asian design meets modern style in this gorgeous home

Which home office idea did you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 
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