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8 Ideas to make your small bedroom more spacious

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It is very rare for people to like closed spaces in their homes. Be it the kitchen, bedroom, living room or bathroom; we are always trying to make room for more. We tend to accumulate things over a period of time, but our homes only have limited space. How does one achieve a balance? On one hand, you can reuse, recycle, upcycle and buy fewer things and at the same time make enough space for your stuff. Of all the rooms, you need to have a bedroom that gives you the space to relax. How to achieve a more spacious bedroom is what this ideabook is all about. Have a look at these ideas and try incorporate some or all of these and you will can transform your bedroom from a regular one to a smarter more spacious one.

Sliding Cupboard Doors

Sliding doors take a lot less space than regular ones. When you have huge wardrobes on one side of the room, sliding doors make a lot of sense. They help in saving a lot of space, as well as look extremely elegant.

Create smart storage

Having a cupboard and sufficient storage racks and shelves is crucial when you want a spacious bedroom. You will only have more stuff with time, so plan ahead and make room… lots of room for more stuff. Preferably, have cabinets right up to the ceiling so that you don't have to bother about storage room for next few years. 

Compact Study space

Need a workspace in your bedroom but don't have much room? Opt for this super compact desk that folds itself up, turning into a wall mounted box. The chair is light and comfortable while requiring minimal space. 

Need ideas to set up a home office in a smaller apartment? Here's an ideabook you'll love.

Multifunctional Furniture

So you want to add some sitting area in the bedroom, but also need a comfortable couch to lay down to read a book too. Or how about a sofa that doubles up as a work desk? Why get more furniture into the home when one can serve all purposes and give you more room to move about?

Have a look at this range of very interesting convertible multifunctional furniture for more ideas.

It's All About Perception

Mirrors can create an illusion of more space when in reality there isn't that much. Don't turn your bedroom into a mirror house by adding mirrors everywhere. Just select one wall and have it covered entirely with a mirror. It instantly doubles up the room area, or it 'seems' to do that!

Glass Walls

Are you up for glass walls? Not so easy to install in an apartment maybe, but when you have an independent row house or villa, glass walls can be a pretty dramatic addition. Apart from the fact that they are a definite style statement, you can simply pull out the curtains to allow maximum natural light in and in turn get a feel of a more spacious room. 

Mono Colour

When you are trying to create an idea of more space, choose a mono colour theme for the bedroom preferable in subtle colour tones. White is ever timeless and adds a touch of class. White walls, white furniture, white floors and white upholstery; all lend themselves to create a spacious bedroom.

Minimal Furniture

If you are a minimalist, you will tend to sway over to minimal stuff naturally. Scandinavian interiors are inspired by minimalism! But if you are not, try and appreciate this style of decor. Less stuff in the room equals less clutter equals less energy spent on arranging and tidying up things. So make more space by keeping fewer things.

The bedroom needs to be a place of rest and relaxation. Think of what makes you calm and happy. Having more room to move about is definitely on every home owner's agenda. Rearrange your furniture, make small changes and pick a few ideas from here to have a spacious bedroom that you always wanted.

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