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9 Amazing Under Stairs Storage Solutions For The Home!

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Do you live in a duplex or an independent villa with more than one floor? Look at the staircase that connects the floors? Are you using the space underneath to its fullest? Under stair space can be often ignored or be used in an unsightly fashion. Give the designing a bit more thought and you can turn the forgotten area into a clever storage solution for your home. Want to know how? Take a look at this ideabook for inspiration.


Innovative storage solutions. homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Innovative storage solutions.


You can fit an entire wardrobe there. Look at these lovely pull out cupboards. They are spacious and go back in neatly when not in use so will not disturb the overall look and feel of the room. Make sure the coloUr scheme is uniform so they blend in easily.

A Reading Corner for the kids

Kids love small nooks and corners. Why not create a space for them to play, read or just laze around? Install a bench and a compact book shelf for company and it becomes a perfect zone for them to have fun and an additional storage space for all the kids' stuff.

Book Shelf Underneath

Creating a space for books is a popular choice of utilizing the space underneath a staircase. Open shelves like this one will help you show off your love for books or if you don't want to bother with tidying up everytime, a closed one is not a bad idea either.

Shoe Rack

Storage under stairs Fraher and Findlay Corridor, hallway & stairs Storage
Fraher and Findlay

Storage under stairs

Fraher and Findlay

If the staircase is rather small, fret not, for the space under it can be easily used to create a pull out shoe rack. Completely hidden and oh so spacious, your shoes can now have permanent home in the house! Look out for more designs by the creators Fraher Architects Limited.

Show off your wine collection

A rather galamorous way to use up the space, your wine cellar does not require a special undersroung storage. Create a customized shelf for all the wine bottles; open or in glass case. You can even install a mini fridge to store other drinks that need chilling.

TV Unit

TV units need not be traditionally placed always in full view. A corner placement under the stairs is smart thinking. This TV is ideal for solo viewing or as a secondary TV near the dining area or the living room so that it does not become an overbearing focal point in the room but rather an accessory.

Display racks

Need a place to display your collectibles over many years of travel and hobbies? Then creating an eyecatching display unit under the stairs is an ace idea. Racks of varying sizes and conceled lighting for enhancement is perfect for storage and a little bit of show off in the bargain as well!

Think outside the box

A multi level storage with each step and a study table underneath is a design that has surely come out of a quirky creative mind. Take inspiration, and install your very own designer study and storage area under the stairs.

Study enclosure

When you need all your things well within reach while working, think of a study enclosure like this one under the stairs.You no longer need to make space for a work desk in any other part of the house. The space under the staircase can be used cleverly to accommodate a desk, chair, storage cabinets and racks.

Aren't you amazed, how beautiful and functional these storage ideas under stairs are? If your house is still under construction, make room already for a stylish storage idea under the stairs. Else, get into some weekend DIY and create a perfect spot for additional storage space, a need for every household; big or small. So get the most out of your staircase for it has the potential to turn into the most useful one.

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