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Ideas for King-size Beds to Suit Different Decorative Styles

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When it comes to decorating your comfort zone — the bedroom — the king bed is the ultimate in comfort and luxury. However, choosing the right model is the toughest decision because it determines the style of the room — modern, rustic, minimal, classic, and more. The bed is the hero of every bedroom. Usually, all other details of the room, be it the bed linen, curtains or furniture, lighting and other accessories are chosen to coordinate with it. Besides the decorative accessories on a bed, the right size, shape and layout of the bed can add an exciting twist to a dull and colourless bedroom. Here are a few king-size bed design ideas that can inspire you to create a rejuvenating and luxurious look in your bedroom.

1. The King-sized Platform Bed

Miyapur Hyderabad PU and Vineer work Zen Design Studio Classic style bedroom
Zen Design Studio

Miyapur Hyderabad PU and Vineer work

Zen Design Studio

The low profile platform bed is both budget-friendly and relaxing as the ledge around the bed provides a stylish frame for the mattress. Platform beds are mostly made of wood. Due to the frame around it, not every size of mattress fits into these king-size beds. Therefore, you should find a mattress that fits perfectly into the frame.

2. The Four-poster King Bed for Classic Style

Interior decorators add the most decorative elements when designing a bedroom, and lighting plays an essential role in it. The four-poster bed adds a classic touch to any bedroom. While it is charming on its own, the rectangular lighting arrangement around this one is both innovative and unique as it casts an enchanting glow.

3. A Canopy Bed for a Luxurious Look

The canopy bed looks similar to the four-poster bed and the term is often used synonymously. The only difference is that it is connected with beams across the top of the posts, making it easy to drape fabric all around the bed and give it privacy and dreamy appeal. These beds are ideal for a bit of mystery, fun and romance. The fabric draped on the bed can become the bedroom's focal point.

4. Traditional Decorative Wooden Bed

Temple Bells - Arati and Sundaresh's Residence Sandarbh Design Studio Eclectic style bedroom
Sandarbh Design Studio

Temple Bells—Arati and Sundaresh's Residence

Sandarbh Design Studio

There are several decorative elements that we can use in the bedroom that sync well with the king bed. The traditional wooden bed with a beautiful hand-carved frame is ideally suited to the classic or colonial style, especially when paired with other carved wooden furniture such as chairs, stools and mirror frames.

5. King-size Storage Bed

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Inside Storiez

Guest Bedroom

Inside Storiez

In an apartment, even a spacious one, storage is never enough. A king-size bed with pull out drawers is ideal in such cases. The storage mechanisms vary, depending on the design. Some beds have a hydraulic system wherein the entire upper frame moves up to reveal sufficient storage space below the base. This type of king size bed ensures that floor space is not wasted and keeps the room looking clutter-free by providing ample concealed storage.

6. A King Bed With a Pull Out

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1 Square Designs


1 Square Designs

While pull out designs are mostly found in day beds used in home offices, guest rooms or family rooms to create extra sleeping zones when guests stay over, it is possible to adapt the design to a king bed. The design of the extra bed can include wheels, which make it easy to move in or out. Some models also come with foldable legs that make the bed stand at the same level as the main bed. These beds are the ideal option for parents' bedrooms as it can make space for the children and free up their bedroom when extra guests are visiting for a few days.

If these beds piqued your interest in space-saving bed designs, explore the A to Z of folding beds for Indian homes for more ideas.

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