Colourful and Cheerful Kids Bedroom Design Ideas by Interior Designers in Delhi

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Designing charming and beautiful bedroom spaces is one of the ways to encourage children to think independently and gain confidence. Having their own space is bound to help them explore their interests and talents. The pictures below offer some great design ideas for children's bedrooms. These creative ideas are from projects by the interior designers and decorators of Lakkad Works, Delhi. All the rooms display an excellent combination of function and style. The designers have played around with colour and contrast to give each room a unique and attractive identity. 

Modern and Attractive

Energise Yellow and Subtle Blue Kids Room Lakkad Works Classic style nursery/kids room Kids room, kids wardrobe with shelves, kids wardrobes, small kids room
Lakkad Works

Energise Yellow and Subtle Blue Kids Room

Lakkad Works

The accent wall behind the bed sets the tone for the interior décor of this room. The first thing one notices in this bedroom is the colourful geometrical shapes on the wall. While it could have very easily overwhelmed the room, by using soft colours and a single contrasting tone, the designers have managed it beautifully. Simple furnishings and contrast provided by the elegant white furniture complete the look of the room. The wardrobe is practical and includes a cosy reading area. The study desk is tucked away between the bed and the wardrobe.

A Riot of Colours

Kids Play Room Lakkad Works Classic style nursery/kids room customised kids room, kids play room, kids Learning room
Lakkad Works

Kids Play Room

Lakkad Works

This room has an undeniable charm that is hard to ignore. It is perfect for a little child who is fascinated by the cool monsters, which feature in the artwork. The space travel theme of the poster is bound to spark their imagination. The simple sofa cum bed is ideal as it makes the bedroom spacious. Hanging ledges on the wall serve as bookshelves. The vibrant colours from the furnishings, furniture, posters, and artwork make this bedroom relaxed, fun, and exciting. Tiles in a faux wood finish are easy to maintain as they can be wiped down with minimal effort.

Big on Style

Kids Room with wardrobe around the bed Lakkad Works Classic style nursery/kids room custom kids room wardrobe, kids room
Lakkad Works

Kids Room with wardrobe around the bed

Lakkad Works

When working on a bedroom for an older child, it is essential to design the room accordingly. Despite staying away from bold colours, the designers have managed to give the room a vibrant look. The buttons on the wall make for a unique statement. The wardrobes have been designed against the wall behind the bed, giving the room a spacious feel. The headboard is unique and distinctive as it resembles logs. The superhero-themed pillows and the blue quilt provide contrast to the white wardrobes. Clean lines and a simplistic design give the bedroom a modern and trendy look. 

Simple yet Effective

Study table with optimised storages. Lakkad Works Classic style nursery/kids room kids study desk, study station, study table with storages
Lakkad Works

Study table with optimised storages.

Lakkad Works

This bedroom features several bold colours, and they have a significant impact on the overall look. The rug, with the hopscotch pattern, is quite exceptional. The chocolate brown colour complements the orange and yellow colours in the room. Large posters add colour and a youthful vibe to the room's décor, while the combination of a tall unit and cubby holes make the space functional. Books, memorabilia, and other collectables enhance the mood in this space.

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