A warm and inviting small family home!

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ながさ木の家, AMI ENVIRONMENT DESIGN/アミ環境デザイン AMI ENVIRONMENT DESIGN/アミ環境デザイン Asian style houses
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This is a home tour with a difference, one where we get to admire nature’s splendour that radiates through this house. So inseparable are these two in this project by Ami Environment Design. The Fukuoka based architects are famed for their environment friendly designs, and this house has been built to accommodate sunlight, natural energy, to make it a comfortable living space. The ‘Length of Tree House’ changes the way one looks at lifestyle and inculcates a sense of camaraderie with nature. You will also come across the generous use of wood, glass and quaint furnishing once we begin the tour.

A warm welcome: The entrance

The entrance to the house exudes warmth and a cosy feeling. A small garden and trees lead one to the two-step porch and to the door of the house. Generous use of wood in the exterior and in the interior of the home bring in a sense of positivity to the home. The screen doors to the entrance have been used to maximum advantage both aesthetically and design wise, to let in light.

Overlooking sun and sea: The facade

The house seems to welcome nature with its facade in neutral, warm hues. Overlooking the sea and a barnyard, the porch of the house is a perfect place to start your mornings or end the day. The house soaks in the natural light from all sides, and is in its very essence, solar powered. The sloping high roof ensures coolness within the house, with adequate windows for ventilation.

A place for good times: The deck outside

The house is surrounded on all sides by a wooden deck that is covered on top and looks on to the outside. Enveloped by trees and a generous touch of greenery around makes one want to spend more time outdoors. This is the idea that the architects had too – the inviting open exteriors of the house are where you can have a relaxed lunch with the sun peeping over.

The Living space: Goodness within

While the exteriors of the house reflect the very essense of nature, the inside is no different. This living room almost gives one the feeling of being inside a tree house. The goodness of wood is all pervading, from the ceiling to the floor. Featuring an aesthetically rough-hewn finish, the wooden ceiling has rafters that not only provide solidity, but also adds a vintage and charmingly rustic touch to the house. Clear white wall finish sets off the warmth of the wood in this large space, while light pours in through the generous windows.

Living in style: Furnishing that speaks

The living room is spacious and accommodates the dining area as well as relaxed seating. Simplicity is the norm followed here, while a distinct style for furnishing has been retained. The red sofa is the only colour that stands out here, with a purpose –highlighting its comfort. The burnished wooden sideboards and the chest-converted-centre table look extremely chic and practical. It is a great place to be in, whether you are enjoying a meal or just chatting with the family.

Nestled in the woods: A view

This is a simple view of the house, and the way it is engulfed in nature is truly mesmerising. The blue of the sea is visible from afar, while the green mountains seem to hold the house in their laps lovingly. The sky stretches clearly above the house,showering the latter with the goodness of mother nature.

A classic home with all the touches of fine living is how the ‘Length of Tree House’ can be defined. This cool house was designed without breaking the bond with nature, so much so that one might forget the need for air-conditioning in the house or artificial lighting. The architects have used all the elements of nature, combined it liberally with style and simplicity to produce the best possible result. Here is another home tour to fuel your creative juices - A small home with a big heart!

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