Office Design in Gurugram Creates Functional and Creative Interiors

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The interiors of an office must be designed to suit the sensibilities of the people working in it. While a classy and timeless look is always preferred, one must use colours and designs that motivate the employees and appeal to the visitors. The office interiors featured here are in Gurugram, Haryana. The design is the result of the creative efforts of the interior designers and decorators of Lakkad Works, Delhi. The office design aims to enhance productivity and facilitate better storage.

Simple yet Classy Lobby

The creative interior design here is impressive. The rustic look of the floors matches the subtle and understated style of the furniture in the room. The modern look of the desk in the lobby matches the simplistic style of the chairs in the waiting area. The fabric-covered chairs provide comfortable seating while adding colour to the space.

Classy Office Room

This stylish office room features neutral colours. The soft grey tone on the walls and the simple design of the desk work to create a classy look. The office interior has everything you would need to create a perfectly functional and elegant space. The comfortable chair, the sleek look of the desk, and modest storage cabinets work well to provide style and functionality to the office design. The vibrant artwork on the walls adds the right punch of colour in the space.

Cosy Seating Area

The unique design of the chairs is eye-catching. The patchwork-style of the chair matches the funkiness of the bright yellow table. The seating area may be small, but it provides a simple and practical space for employees to step away from their work station for a quick discussion. The glass doors ensure that the small spaces do not feel too cramped or overwhelming. 

Compact yet Functional Design

The creative interior design of this space is noticeable. The simplicity of the colours attracts the eyes, as does the checkerboard pattern on the floor, while the motivational quotes on the wall add an inspiring touch. The bright strip of yellow on the wall works as the perfect accent in this room. The TV is mounted on the wall, improving the accessibility and movement in the area.

Superb Storage Spaces

Every office needs stylish interiors that combine effective and convenient storage spaces. The room featured here has large wall units that can help to organise the office effortlessly. The elegance that the dark grey panels bring to the room is hard to miss. 

Easy and Effortless Design

The office interior design carries through a simple and modern theme. Instead of using closed cabin concepts, the designers have opted for an open plan to enable better movement around the spaces. The most noticeable feature in the design is the use of yellow. The colour is visible in the accents on the wall and the desk separators.

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