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A guide to choosing the ideal upholstery fabric for summer

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Indian summers are known for hot winds and soaring temperatures, typically lasting from March to June. Sweltering heat combined with humidity results in water scarcity, and power cuts are inevitable too. The absence of electricity is often a catalyst for family bonding, encouraging board games, or general chit-chat in the cooler areas of the house. It places a great deal of importance on the selection of the right upholstery fabric for family rooms and living rooms, as some materials create a sticky and uncomfortable experience, particularly in warmer climates. 

While traditional upholstery fabric such as cotton, silk, linen, velvet, and the like do have several advantages, they also have downsides making them unsuitable for hot and humid climates. Some of the disadvantages include easy staining, high maintenance, and susceptibility to fading.

Solution-dyed acrylic performance fabric from Sunbrella is the best option for indoor as well as outdoor upholstery fabric, suited to any weather and application. It is stain-resistant, fade-proof, mildew-resistant, mould-resistant, and UV-resistant. It performs well in all weather conditions, and the sheer number of colour options in which it is available makes it suitable for every room and décor theme.

Is performance fabric suitable only for the outdoors?

Performance fabric is often associated with upholstery for outdoor furniture upholstery, sunshades, and blinds. While this is true, performance fabric can work just as well for indoor applications, especially in areas where fade-resistance, mildew-resistance, and stain-resistance matter. Fade-resistance and UV resistance are essential to consider for fabric if it is used in a room that gets plenty of sunlight or for an area located by the window.

Table runners or sofa cushions can be subject to stains from dropped food or spilled liquids. Traditional materials such as cotton and silk would absorb spills, leaving a stain that’s impossible to wash away. Performance fabric, on the other hand, is stain-resistant, leaving the upholstery, as well as the underlying cushions, stain free. Moreover, it is easy to wipe down and clean, so you needn't worry about messes when they happen. The variety of colours and patterns that it comes in makes it ideal as it blends perfectly into any design theme.

Ideas for using performance fabric for the living room and dining area

Performance fabric has many applications that aren’t restricted to a particular area of the house. It can be used in dining areas or as living room upholstery fabric for cushion covers, table runners, drapes, seat cushions, carpets, floor cushions, curtains, rugs, and more.

Using performance fabric to create a summer theme inside the home

Performance fabric is available in a vibrant array of colours, leaving plenty of room for experimentation when it comes to creating themes within different areas of the house. One such idea is to create a casual summer theme with the help of floor cushions. Pick out colourful oversized floor pillows or a large couch-style cushion. Pair it up with low-profile tables and low-level seating for entertaining and lounging. Another idea is to make use of bright and colourful fabric for curtains and drapes to protect against the harsh sunlight during the summer months. Performance fabric is ideal for this as it is fade-resistant, thereby uplifting the aesthetics of your home while keeping it cool.

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