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Here is How You Find Your Personal Indian Home Décor Style

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When you first move into your own home you need to start making important choices for yourself. Some of these choices include the choice of furniture and furnishings that you want in your home. This can be difficult if you are not sure of what sort of style you like, or even what sort of furniture you like. Some people may be aware of a few things they want to have in their home. They may have seen an item that they like and have decided that they want to incorporate it into their home, although they are not sure how to create their own style around these pieces. There are many styles of decorating from contemporary, traditional to shabby chic, minimalistic, country and eclectic. How can you find the style that best reflects your tastes? There are several ways that you can find your own personal decorating style, Homify has found the best ways here.

Find Objects that you are Drawn to?

When you are trying to find your own personal decorating style for an Indian home it is important to find out what styles are out there. You may like certain elements of one styles, but not others. This is normal. No decorating style is solid and definite; you will end up taking parts of many different styles to create a style for yourself. To start with read, watch and look at the decorating styles that are all around you. You will notice that there are certain objects that you are immediately drawn to. These items will be the basis for your decorating style. Try making a list of what objects you are drawn to. Start cutting these images out of magazines and start a scrapbook of these to find your own personal decorating style.

Which Elements Attracts You?

When you have established a list of objects that make up your own personal style, it will be time to consider what style these items fit into. There are many different types of decorating style; contemporary, traditional to shabby chic, minimalistic, boho, country and eclectic. The objects that you have found will fit well into one or several of these styles. Look at magazines, visit decorating sites and talk to people who have a similar style, this will give you a better idea of what elements of decorating you are drawn to. For some, it will be obvious that you fit into a modern design, with its sleek, streamlined finish. For others it may be the purely traditional style, with classic designed furniture and fittings.

Which is your Favourite Hotel Style?

There are many ways that you can research what decorating style you fit into. It is important when considering your own personal decorating style to look at as many styles as possible. You can look at different styles in many places, but one of the best ways to view the most stylish decorating is in a hotel.The decorating in a hotel has been carefully thought out and strategically placed by trained interior decorators, so this is the best way to emulate their style. Visit a wide variety of hotels and decide which ones have a decorating style that appeals to you. When you have decided upon a few of your favourite hotel decorating style, take photos of these hotels and add them to your scrapbook.

Consider Which Colours you Keep Coming Back to

By now you will have a good collection of objects, pictures and styles in your personal decorating style scrapbook. Another great way of discovering your own personal style is to consider the colours that are dominant in the furniture, furnishings and objects in your scrapbook. Look through your scrapbook and consider the colours that keep coming up. There will be certain colours that will dominate the pictures. This will give you an additional idea of what style will be most suitable for you. The dominant colours will give you an indication of what atmosphere you will have in your home, as well as the decorating style. A traditional style will be dominated by natural colours of brown, cream, blue and greens, while a shabby chic style will be dominated by whites and pale colours and light floral shades.

Consider Whom you are Decorating for

Unless we are living alone, you will probably be decorating for several different decorating styles or tastes. This can be difficult if there are people with dramatically different styles. It can be difficult to combine very different styles such as a minimalistic and an eclectic style as one is based on having very little on display while the other is based on having many different objects strategically placed in a space. It may also be important to consider how each person will use the different areas of the home. If one area will be used by one person more than another, it makes sense that it should be decorated according to their style. This may mean that a kitchen has a minimalistic style, while another area, such as the living space has a more traditional style. This classic dining table is designed by Moebelkultura. 

What’s the Mood You Want to Set?

One of the most important considerations you will need to make before you settle on your personal decorating style is what mood you want to establish in your home? Each decorating style creates a different mood. A shabby chic style creates a warm, lived in atmosphere. This may seem comfortable for some people, although others might find this cluttered and messy. A modern style is dominated by a sleek and streamlined look. This can create a calming and ordered mood for some people, but for others it may seem clinical and impersonal. It is important to consider the mood you are trying to achieve when you are choosing your design style.

It can be difficult to find your own personal decorating style. You may know certain pieces of furniture or furnishings that you like, but not know how to match it with other pieces to create an ordered style. It can be difficult to know what pieces will look good and harmonise together. One way to ensure that you have a balanced style is to base it on an established style. To find your style find objects that you are drawn to, find what elements you prefer, look at different hotels for inspiration, consider the colours that keep coming up in these designs, think about who will use these areas and finally choose the mood you want to establish in the home. These will have a big influence on the style that you choose. For more information see 5 Stunning Bedroom Designs.

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