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Experience Rustic Beauty In This Stunning Family Home!

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AMI ENVIRONMENT DESIGN/アミ環境デザイン Asian style balcony, veranda & terrace
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From Zen to vibrant minimalism, Asian design is influencing the world of architecture and design with its calming style. Drawing inspiration from various Oriental themes, Asian design is now seen seeping into contrasting designs like contemporary, modern, and rustic. The soothing forms, the minimal elements, and the streamlined design is what makes Asian design so appealing to many across the globe. The incorporation of Zen, the etheeral effect of harmony and balance, and natural materials such as wood or bamboo is what makes Asian design so distinctive.

Today on homify 360 we take a virtual stroll through this stunning Asian-style house that incorporates an element of rustic design into its architecture and decor. The brainchild of Ami Environment Design, an architectural firm in Kukuako, Japan, this house is sure to transport into a state of peacefulness at the end of this tour. So let's explore this house, shall we?

Of squares and rectangles

Gabled roof, paneled wooden columns, and an entirely wooden exterior is what defines the architecture of the house. The designer has adopted an open floor plan into the architecture by placing windows of various sizes across the house and seamlessly blending various rooms together. Warm color palette in neutral tones brings out the rustic as well as the Asian design of this house.

A place to relax

The designer has furnished the deck of the house with a long, rectangular bench, making it the perfect place to relax and watch the sunset or sunrise. Columns and wooden panels across this space enhance the Asian design of the house. The backyard of the house is parallel to the dining area inside the house, allowing the inflow of air and natural light. 

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A wooden escape

From the top to the bottom, the house is designed with various shades of wood. The dining area of the house features a gorgeous 3-seater dining table with a lamp above, illuminating the space with a warm glow. Wooden columns on the ceiling accentuate the rustic style of the house while the soothing forms enhance the Asian style. The kitchen also features an all-wooden theme and is highlighted with two minimally designed ceiling lights.

Relax and unwind

We end this incredible home tour in the last room of this house—the exposed bathroom. Covered half way through with deep shaded wood walls and ceilings, this exposed bathroom celebrates luxury and serenity. The black marble bathtub and panels contrast beautifully with the neutral shades of the wood. Facing the foliage in the backyard, this space is sure to become your favourite room in the house.

Combining simplicity with elegance, this house perfectly captures the essence of Asian design and rustic style. If you enjoyed this home tour, have a look at this home from another galaxy!

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