Sophisticated Interior Design for a Three-bedroom Home in Mumbai

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3bhk residence, Grant Road SPACE DESIGN STUDIOS Modern style bedroom
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There is a sense of harmony and balance in the interiors of the home featured here. The designers have used a combination of elements to bring this home to life. The light colour palette for the walls is stunning. The interior architects of Space Design Studio have transformed this beautiful home to give it aesthetic appeal and artistic presence. The accessories have been layered beautifully to accentuate and complement the soft colours and textures.

Refined Sense of Style

Living Room Seating Area SPACE DESIGN STUDIOS Modern living room

Living Room Seating Area


The sectional sofa fits beautifully into the layout of the room. Its chocolate brown tone is perfect against the light grey colour of the wall. Colourful cushions break up the monotony of the brown.

Sharp Contrasts

The best way to make an impression is by introducing sharp contrasts. Here, the cream coloured sofa looks fabulous against the darker shade on the walls. The wood side tables add a touch of sophistication and functionality. The lampshade and the artwork add decorative touches that complete the design.

Elegant Dining Area

The dining area of the home is designed to play host to family and friends. The vibrant yellowish hue on the walls is sharply contrasted by the dark wood tones of the dining table. The designers have aptly used suede-covered chairs to soften the look and complement the colours and textures.

Stylish Accessories

The mirror on the wall is the highlight in the room. It sits right above the buffet table and reflects the room beautifully. Moreover, it creates an illusion of space, infusing a sense of amplitude.

Contemporary Designs

The modular kitchen is designed to perfection. The simplicity of the design reflects in the white laminate chosen for the cabinets, while a contrasting neon green has been used in places to add a splash of colour. The design ensures that the client has abundant space to work in this kitchen.

Spacious and Welcoming

This bedroom has twin beds, and the straight-lined design of the furniture is carried through to the wardrobes, reflecting the modern style. The colourful artwork on the walls plays a role in contrasting the muted tones throughout the room.

Sophisticated and Classy

The wardrobe is the centre of attraction in this room’s décor. The sturdy and ornate look of the wood is perfect against the metallic shades used in the furnishings. The grey walls and the simple styling work well to create a cohesive look.

Unique and Spectacular

The bedroom seen here has a distinctive style. The wall behind the bed features a pale turmeric colour, which works well with the chocolate brown furnishings. The customised bed sits stylishly against the lofty tufted headboard, and the upholstered design adds softness and elegance to the room. A large mirror and dresser sit adjacent to the bed, completing the look of the bedroom. 

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