6 tips to make your home look much bigger and brighter

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No one wants their home to look small and cramped, but it's a choice that is thrust upon many by budget constraints. While a few photo filters can make your home look panoramically bigger in pictures, it can't quite make your home look spacious and bright in real life. So if you want a real solution to a dark and dingy home, here are 6 tips that will make your home look much bigger and brighter. So go ahead use our tips and turn your home into a better looking place that your friends family will surely envy!

Big windows

The simplest way to make a home look both spacious and bright, is to opt for big windows in every room. Be it an entire wall turned into a glass window, like in this living room here designed by SPACE INTERFACE in Gurgaon, or huge French windows in a more old fashioned home; big windows bring in lot's of light, air and a feeling of open space where there is none. Draping such windows with light cotton or chiffon curtains will let in more diffused light, and make any room look bigger.

Light colours

Light walls, floors and ceiling compliment big windows, and further enhance the spacious feel of any room. Add to this subtle light coloured furniture and upholstery, and any room is bound to look much bigger and brighter. White, cream, grey and pastels are the best options in colours to enliven up a tiny home. Be it a compact modern kitchen, like the one here done up in muted shades of white, cream and brown; or a bathroom covered in powder blue tiles, light colours help to reflect more light and make any space look more roomy.

Good lighting

While big windows help to let in more natural light during the day, they aren't very helpful at night. Thus, to keep your home looking warm and welcoming at night, use plenty of lights everywhere. Good lighting can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of your home. A well lit room, like the one here designed by BN ARCHITECTS, immediately looks more spacious and lively than a poorly lit big bedroom. Use soft yellow lights instead of harsh white lights to create a more soothing effect in your home.

Use glass and crystals

Using glass is another way to create the illusion of space. A tiny bathroom like here, can end up looking even more tiny if the shower area is cordoned off with a bulky material like wood or metal. But the use of a glass partition has retained this bathroom's spaciousness, and helped it stay well lit. You can use glass partitions in other rooms as well, and you should opt for doors and windows made of glass to let in more light in your home. Add to this a crystal element, like a bright crystal chandelier in the living room, and your home is bound to look breathtaking!

Use mirrors

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, makes a room look anything but small. So add a mirror to a wall in any room of your home to make it look bigger and better. Even a mirror on a door or a cabinet, like in the bathroom here, can make a space look much bigger. If you have a cramped bedroom, opt for a mirror front cupboard which spans an entire wall to make the room look double it's actual size. A few lights around the mirror will amplify the illusion of space even more.

Add plants

And finally, give your home a fresh twist with a few plants indoors. Be it a creeper near your main door, a small Lavender plant in your bedroom, or a mini garden section in the corner of your living room, plants breathe in life into any space and distract one away from the clutter around. Make sure your plants receive the right amount of light and water to keep them thriving indoors. If you are wondering which plants to keep in your home, here are 6 ideas.

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