A luxurious and cosy country house in Spain

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Casa Clásica en Segovia, Canexel Canexel Classic style kitchen
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The lush and picturesque Spanish countryside often provides home builders with the opportunity to stretch their creativity and imaginations to the limit. And Madrid being the country’s central capital is replete with gorgeous parks, stunning boulevards and eye-catching architecture. So today, we will explore the breathtaking beauty of an opulent country house which flaunts elegant designs, premium quality materials, interesting assortment of textures, and a view to die for! Located on a hilltop, this lavish residence named Casa Clasica en Segovia by Canexel, home builders from Guadarrama, Madrid, is a beautiful rendition of classy taste and bright ideas. The lighting and natural touches in this house deserve special mention too. So let’s begin our tour.

An impressive setting

This expansive abode is set amidst verdant green grass, lovely shrubs and under an azure blue sky. Stone has been used profusely for creating the solid foundation this mansion enjoys. Wood, concrete, grey slates for roofing, and glass have come together to produce a visual concoction of peerless aesthetics. A winding garden path paved with small stone tiles leads us to the warm and welcoming entrance. The eaves of the quaint sloping roofs have been lined with wood for a unique appeal, and the garage door is crafted from rich wood as well. Now let’s see what the interiors hold for us.

Where luxury is a way of life

The living area is a sophisticated and plush affair, sitting pretty under the solid wooden beams of the white peaked ceiling. Two different seating areas have found their way here, each resplendent in their own distinct style. Near you, deliciously brown couches have been arranged around a simple but chic coffee table. Blush pink and white cushions brighten up the space, along with small potted floral greens. A group of four delicate artworks adorn the wall, while a soft grey rug adds some snugness to the tiled floor.

Near the large glass doors, you will find a white set of comfy couches and ottomans with dainty floral prints. A tall potted plant acts like an eco-friendly bridge between the outdoor and the indoor. A tall soothing lamp casts a mellow and magical glow in the evenings, and reminds us of a time when people had time to “stop and smell the roses”!

King’s feast

The sumptuously large dining table in white and light wooden hues, finds its rightful partners with the simple but elegant chairs. The white upholstery of the chairs, though difficult to maintain, are regal in their attraction. A pair of old school lanterns adds to the charm of this table perfect for a hearty feast. An ornate chandelier creates a sensual mood in the evenings, and sunlight floods the dining space through the glass doors during the day.

Dining with a view

Food is bound to taste a million times better, if you can relish a view like this! A simple white wooden table accompanied by vintage white chairs, make for a casual dining space near the sleek bay window. The white and brown window seat lets you admire the sweeping view of the scenery outside, even when you are reading a book or quietly reflecting. A bunch of fresh flowers perks up the charm of the table, while a couple of lovely pendant lights cast a balmy glow over the area.

The delights of a modern kitchen

White and dark wooden hues reign in this smart and cleverly planned kitchen, which overlooks the casual dining area and the bay window. So you can enjoy glimpses of enticing nature, even when you are putting together a lip-smacking meal for your family. A fair-sized window offers natural illumination in the kitchen, and the U-shaped layout helps in keeping clutter at bay, when more than one chef is at work. The cabinets provide ample storage room, and also house all modern appliances with ease. Bright recessed lighting helps to conduct tasks conveniently in the evenings, and the earthy flooring upholds the quaint spirit of the countryside. A potted plant bearing bright pink flowers adds a natural touch to the zone, while a traditional white cabinet on the right assists with more storage.

Sleep won’t require an invitation

The bedroom oozes with the cosy warmth of wood, owing to the flooring and the beams on the ceiling. The white bed rests against a wall which features pale blue patterned wallpaper for visual interest. Dainty white and blue cushions along with a steel grey duvet glows under the remarkable chandelier. Who wouldn’t want to let their hair down in such an inviting space?

Earthy and homely touches in the bathroom

A dark wooden under-sink cabinet and rustic tiles on the floor, keep the countryside vibe alive in this bathroom. The open cabinet houses towels, robes and myriad other bath essentials, while the mirror features a traditional but fancy look. White walls lend the illusion of spaciousness, assisted by the glass enclosure of the shower area.

This house has undoubtedly redefined the concept of lavish living in the country. Rich textures, stunning decorative accents and an enticing architecture has made this possible. Check out another home tour, if you are looking for more inspiration - A house with a royal vibe and modern interiors.

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