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6 Fantastic ways to make your rented apartment feel home!

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A rented apartment can feel boring and dull, yet you're forced to weigh out if the money, time, and effort you spend decorating the apartment will be worth it since it's only a temporary home. You certainly don't want to spend loads of money on an apartment you don't own. Furthermore, a complete makeover may not even be allowed by the landlord. So you need some low-impact ways of decorating your apartment. 

Although you may not rent the apartment for long, ignoring the things you dislike about your home and avoiding putting your mark on it is a sure-fire way to feel miserable when you walk in the door. Just because you aren’t planning on living somewhere for life, it doesn’t mean you should resign yourself to living somewhere lifeless. No excuses—even rentals deserve love. With that in mind, here are 6 great easy ways to make your rented apartment feel home. We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your home through this idea guide. Let's browse through these ideas together shall we? 

Dress up the windows

Residential project Modern living room by NA ARCHITECTS Modern

Residential project


A great and easy way to make your rented apartment feel more like home is to dress up the windows with curtains or blinds that you picked out. The thing about moving in to a rental apartment is that it probably has curtains that you would never choose given the choice. Some things you just have to live with, but this is something you can easily change. Furthermore, you can take your curtains with you when you move.

Add some artwork to the walls

Whether you'll be able to actually hang art depends on your lease (though most will allow it, provided you paint on your way out), but even a super-strict lease is no excuse for bare walls. Art makes the home, and there are a million ways to bring it into yours, from affordable prints hung gallery-style to original works leaning on. furniture.

Give your kitchen cabinets a touch of paint

Paint is one of the easiest ways to give new life to a space. However, do negotiate with your landlord on this one. You can always paint it back to the original colour when you leave if needed, but it's best to consult with the landlord first. One good tip for the kitchen is to give the cabinets a touch of paint. Your landlord might even be happy with that for all you know. 

Change the lighting

Isherwood Chandelier by Boatswain Lighting
Boatswain Lighting

Isherwood Chandelier

Boatswain Lighting

Changing the lighting can make a world of difference in a space. If you can't upgrade fixtures due to budget or technical issues (some may require an electrician, an expense not all renters are willing to make), try to avoid using the overhead lights where possible. Focus on growing your collection of stylish floor lamps, table lamps, and hanging lamps instead. 

The simple yet elegant chandelier pictured here is designed by Boatswain Lighting, lighting experts based in Henlow, England. 

Put up family photos and arty things on wall shelves

Personalize your rented apartment by putting up family photos and arty things on wall shelves. This will create a cozy, intimate space where you can feel at home. It will also add much needed character to a bland rented apartment. 

Browse through decorations here on homify for more new ideas and refreshing inspiration. 

Add plants and flowers indoors and outdoors

eclectic  by rigby & mac, Eclectic
rigby & mac

Black and White Enamel Pot

rigby & mac

Last but not least, add plants and flowers indoors and outdoors. It's simple things like these that will bring life to your apartment, and they don't cost much money at all. Pick out some unique planters and vases for your plants and flowers to show off your creativity. 

We hope you've enjoyed this idea guide as much as we have. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at 7 ways to welcome your guests with a stunning entryway

Which idea for decorating a rented apartment did you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 
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