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Rustic and Earthy Design Theme for a Home in Vellore

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Designs that replicate or highlight the beauty of nature are unique and quite distinctive. In this house in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, the home builders from Grid Property Developers have achieved a refreshingly original design. The stunning combination of natural elements with a contemporary design has contributed to the overall look. The rustic and earthy twist to the modern design is what makes this home a standout.

Classy Outdoor Area

Nothing works better than wood when it comes to creating a natural theme. The contrast brought by the lush greenery to the rustic texture and grain of the wood creates a classic feature. The outdoor area seen here is beautiful as it features a blend of several elements. The bright green from the grass contrasts the natural tone of the slightly elevated wood deck. A big planter placed in the centre of the grass houses a tall plant, which adds character to the space. 

Sharp Contrasts

This area is resplendent with rich contrasts that draw attention. For instance, the wall features stone cladding, and the grey stones bring sophistication to the space. It is well contrasted by a wooden ‘jaali’. Instead of using sofas or other chairs, a customised wood bench elevates the nature-inspired design by adding a refreshing and natural element to the space. It also adds a functional feature as it provides seating for several people to relax in the area during social gatherings.

Beautiful And Relaxing

The combination of colours and textures gives the outdoor space a charming feel. It is easy to imagine this area being the centre of quite a few gatherings. Keeping the seating area simple has allowed the designers to retain the authenticity of the design. The elongated bench extending from one end to the other elevates the design by giving it a simple yet unique and distinctive feature.

Stunning and Exceptional

The rich colour of the wood and the creative ability of the artisan have given this piece a unique character. The jaali panel, on its own, is beautiful and demands attention. However, when mounted on the wall, it evolves into something even more dramatic. It is the beauty and intricacy of the pattern that draws the eye towards it.

Soft and Subtle

The cream-coloured walls contribute warmth to this bedroom. The light touch of the drapes and the contrast of the rich walnut-coloured wood panel draw attention. The elegance of recessed lighting cannot be overstated. The designers have used it to create the perfect mood in the bedroom.

Accent Wall Design

The accent wall behind the bed improves the design of the room. The copper-toned mouldings contrast with the grey textured wall to give the accent wall a sophisticated look. Focus lights in the ceiling throw light on the wall, creating a stunning effect in the space. The switch panels and the wall sconces add to the beauty of the design. 

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