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6 Tips to organize your home!

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Don't mind the mess because we are making memories is probably the biggest lie ever told. You don't need to live in a home that looks like an aftermath of a hurricane to make memories. In fact, there is nothing worse than a cluttered, messy home where you are constantly losing things, or not finding them because they lie hidden beneath a dump of other things that no one has ever bothered to sort out. Sorting out the mess in your home will also help you sort out your head, make you less irritable, more organized, and help you get exactly what you want with the least amount of fuss. If you are not a planner by nature, these 6 tips will definitely help you organize your home!

Dress with ease

One of the biggest things that people don't sort out in their homes, is their clothes! So get up and make your cupboard an organized paradise like the one here. All you need to do is sort out your regular clothes, party clothes, winter wear, sports wear, ethnic wear etc into separate stacks and dedicate a different shelf or hanging section for each in your closet. If it's a cupboard shared by a couple, or two kids, it's best to divide the cupboard space in half or according to each's needs. This will keep squabbles at bay and help you dress with ease. Don't ever mix up the different stacks in a hurry, as that is the first step in the downhill path to an unorganized cupboard.

Organized shoes and bags

Walk in Closet with storage for Shoes and Handbags designed and made by Tim Wood Tim Wood Limited Dressing roomStorage
Tim Wood Limited

Walk in Closet with storage for Shoes and Handbags designed and made by Tim Wood

Tim Wood Limited

A shoe under your bed, another one next to the study table, a bag gathering dust behind a door, are the hallmarks of an unorganized home. So if you want to get away from the clutches of untidiness, pick up all those shoes and bags strewn everywhere around your home, and neatly arrange them on shelves and hooks in a dedicated corner. Be it a section of your closet, a storage space below your bed, or a few shelves in the guest room, utilize any free storage space you have to keep your shoes and bags in an organized manner. Keep in mind leather shoes and bags get spoilt if kept locked in a cupboard for too long, so air them regularly, or store them in an open space like here.

Hangers and hooks

If you don't have a lot of storage space in your home, or don't want to spend money buying more cupboards and cabinets, make use of more hangers and hooks. Be it a clothes stand with hooks like the one here, which can be used to hang raincoats, umbrellas, hats, gloves, bags and much more. Or simply a couple of hangers hooked behind the bedroom door, where you can hang denims or clothes you are not ready to toss into the laundry yet, but don't want to keep in the cupboard either. Hooks and hangers are an efficient way to tidy up your home.

Shelves for books

Don't leave those books and files lying around on the floor, or stacked up higher than a hill on your table. Invest in some shelves; be it wall mounted one's, an entire bookshelf like here, or a mini shelf that you can keep on a side table to flaunt some coffee table books in your living room, or use to stack some recipe books in a corner of the kitchen. If you have a book shelf you can even dedicate a few shelves to store stationary, hardware and other miscellaneous things. This way next time you need a bulb, or a hammer, or a new notepad, you won't have to run helter-skelter and will know exactly where it is!

Sideboard or rack for dishes

You may have kitchen cabinets to store cutlery and dishes when they are dry, but often a ktichen ends up looking untidy because of the dishes that are left out to dry on the counter top. A simple way to go around this problem is to buy a drainboard for the sink, or a small sideboard, or even a rack like here where dishes can be stacked or hung to dry. A classic wooden rack like this can also be used to display and store the dishes once they are dry. However, a rack made of metal will be more durable against water than a wooden one.

Laundry bag

UberLyfe Foldable Bambi Laundry Bag cum Storage Box Uberlyfe Nursery/kid's roomStorage

UberLyfe Foldable Bambi Laundry Bag cum Storage Box


Finally, if you are sick of picking up everyone's dirty clothes off the floor, buy a laundry bag. You can buy a separate laundry bag for each member of your home including kids, like this laundry bag here designed by UBERLYFE in New Delhi. Or just have a common wicker or bamboo laundry bag for the entire family which is both big enough to store everyone's laundry, and looks nice unlike a cheap plastic laundry bag. If you have a pile of winter clothes that you want to stash away somewhere out of sight yet conveniently accessible, here are 6 ways to store them.

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