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A Home filled with Oriental Touches!

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AMI ENVIRONMENT DESIGN/アミ環境デザイン Asian style bathroom
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The beautiful Oriental home we set our foot on today is located in the Fukuoka, which lies on the northern shore of Japan’s Island Kyushu. The place is known as much for its beautiful ancient temples and shorelines as for its modern architecture and glitzy malls. The home we are about to feature today has been designed by the skilled architects at Ami Environment Design in Fukuoka. A strong modern Oriental vibe rings through this space and casts a delicate spell over it. This home sits in all its wooden glory on a grassy patch layered with plenty of natural elements like rocks and water. Wide planks of wood in certain places and delicate slats and frames in others – that is the balancing act that this almost meditative space seeks to set in motion. So what are we waiting for? Follow us on this tour to find out more about this peaceful and lovely home.

​The Joy of nature

The levels of eaves give this structure a well layered look. The façade also boasts of a play of nature to balance out all the solid wood work and the stone elements surrounding the home. The wild shrubs have been coupled with stone and a Zen style garden to render a certain neatness that is the hallmark of Oriental design. The wooden boundary wall bends at the corner to form an enclosed nook.

​Delicate meets Robust in the Façade

Delicate lines of solid, robust wood has been placed for a stunning designer effect in this home. To begin with, the wooden boundary wall has a peekaboo style placement of wooden slats that render privacy even as they create an airy and well ventilated feel throughout the property. The wide wooden planks have been rendered into box like shapes of abstract linear art to form the façade and hold the home aloft. From the roof to the walls, all the design elements are sharp, wide and well lit. The details like the square pipe instead of a round one to dispense water, help in giving the space a modern aura with a minimal yet solid look. 

​Half in, Half out: The Pool and the Pool Room

The pool is one of the most interesting architectural features of this home. It has been laid down in a half in, half out style where a part of the pool juts out into the open, under the zig zagging eaves of the home. The part of the pool that is inside sits in a wooden cocoon of sorts. The walls have solid wood panelling from the waist upwards with a whimsical door cut out in the corner. The bottom half of the walls have a stone mosaic feature which carries on to the sides of the pool. Hardwood flooring sits on the ground like a larger than life traditional bath mat as a typical Japanese style stool is placed in the corner.

​Foliage and Linear Architecture

One of the best things about this home is the fact that it combines nature with the structure of the home. Trees and shrubs sit in the backyard, dotting the space with much needed green relief. Stones and pebbles come forth to add a calm, meditative feel to the property even as the neat quotient is firmly in place. The nooks and niches of the home’s structure and the interesting placement of beams in its slanting eaves also come through and make for an interesting look with the sparse greenery around it.

​Glass and Leather for a Modern Look

The living room has a decidedly modern feel with wood and leather rubbing shoulders. But the highlight has to be the wall of glass that lets the outdoors become a part of your everyday conversations. Wood follows the eye upwards with a cut out panel, leaving a square of white for the lighting.

​A Stark Look for the Study

Modernity makes its presence felt here too with the slim line of the desk ambling off in a sharp turn to accommodate a television. The shoji screen like wall stands to a side, reminding the visitor of the Oriental theme. What we loved about this home was the strong modern vibe with an in built Oriental character. The greenery, the pool and the structure itself play with a variety of elements to create a look that is arresting and impressive. 

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