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A Small home with a big secret!

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Can edgy and sophisticated really match? If this residence in Northern Taiwan, is anything to go by, then the twain can most definitely meet, marry and settle down into a designer ever after. Located in one of the most populous municipalities of Taiwan, the New Taipei City, this place enjoys proximity to gorgeous shorelines, mountains and hills. Upon setting foot in this home, we realise how it has brought together razor sharp modernity with understated edgy and cool elements for a look that is sophisticated on the whole. The awesome material for this home has been supplied by Keding Enterprises Co Ltd, a premium building supplies producer and stockist in New Taipei City. Let's take a walk around this home to learn more!

​Smooth Good Looks in the Living Room

Mocha, white, beige and various wood finishes merge into a melting pot of design. From this, a tasty dish for the senses emerges to engulf you in unparalleled style. The smooth and fluid motion of one element transitioning to the next is what packs a punch in the design scheme of this space. The wood panelled wall holds the television and juts out slightly, adding a layer to the space. Meanwhile, slim planks in a dark finish offer the perfect contrast for this wall as they hold white shelves aloft. The far end of the living room houses a bank of windows and heavy mocha hued drapes, while the sectional sofa itself is a muted chocolate wonder, structured with comfortable contours. Glossy niches in the wall set off a golden shade with a wood panelled design.

​Oodles of Style in the Hall

A panel from the ceiling descends with a row of lights dotting its periphery. The grey couch glistens under the effect even as the marble floor shines. At the other end, one can see the kitchen and stylish dining room. The kitchen is all soft polished wood panelling and chrome with a window for an edgy vibe. To the side, the dining room sits with solid wooden furniture in a classic design. The effect is wholesome, practical and oh so chic!

​Jaw Dropping Good Looks in the Bedroom

At the very first glance, the awe inspiring bedroom’s design will be soothing even as it excites one’s sense of aesthetics. The mocha grey hues line this space with a blend of both shades for a look that calming and luxurious. Comfort becomes the mainstay with a splash of this shade and the rest of the room follows suit. The wooden bed with its patterned bedding has an edgy headboard that is classy as well. In front, the slim closets click to a close and a slimmer than slim handle stands at attention on each door. Recessed lighting does the rest of the honours of glorifying the surroundings here.

Wood and Fabric to the Rescue

As promised, the edgy looking headboard delivers layer upon layer of a style in its performance. The wooden alcove that holds the bed folds to a side for a cocoon like feel. On this surface, the dramatic headboard comes to life. The grey upholstered panels have a uniform space between them for a neat, airy look. Square lamps sit on each side right under this. To the side, the bay windows become a large seating area that can also double up as a day bed. Shelves on either side of the wall are a practical addition. Cushions complete the look and make for a comfortable perch where you can doze off while reading as the curtains swish gently.

​A Simple yet Stylish Bedroom

The second bedroom of the home is a simple affair that packs in quite a performance on the platform of style. The edgy factor here would be the shelves that veer off for geometrical play time to render an abstract effect. The simple bed extends into a night stand which is elevated and pulled out for a counter top that becomes a desk. 

As we look around every corner of this house, we see sophisticated style and edgy design match step here and become the layers that envelope this home in a sense of designer calm. The varied elements followed a soothing colour palette for a wholesome look that is simple yet stylish. 

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