A charming family home in red accents!

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Bağyüzü Taş Ev, Plano Mimarlık ve Teknoloji Plano Mimarlık ve Teknoloji Country style balcony, veranda & terrace Stone
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Turkey is a country which reflects both European and Asian influences in its culture, traditions, architecture and many other spheres of life. And Istanbul is the most populated city in Turkey, and the cultural, historical and economic heartland of the country. The buildings in Istanbul bear testimony to the Byzantine, Ottoman, Roman and many other forms of architecture reminiscent of the rules of different dynasties. And today, we will take a tour of an elegant and imposing stone mansion, rendered by Plano Mimarlik Ve Teknoloji, renowned architects in Istanbul. This residence will transport you back to the times when a slow paced lifestyle, warm courtesy, gentlemanly chivalry, swish of silk dresses and idyllic contemplations were the order of the day.

Bagyuzu Tas Ev is an impressive abode from times gone by, and still wows onlookers with its undying charm even in the face of brash modernism. The entire house is made of grey stones, though wood and glass fulfil necessary roles. Both the exteriors and interiors of the mansion promise peace, calmness and the magic of earthy living, but with style. So let’s begin to explore more.

A stunning view at night

Though this is more of an artistic representation of the enchanting abode, it is evident that the stone mansion weaves an unearthly magic after the sun sets. Old fashioned lighting brightens up the outdoors, as the restful interior lights come to life too. An otherworldly play of light and shadow makes the residence seem like a setting inspired by long forgotten fairytales and romantically hazy history!  

An impactful facade

The grey hue of the irregular stones which were used for constructing this massive residence, have borne the ravages of time quite well. A high boundary wall surrounds the property and some open ground adjoining it. Tall lively trees and verdant shrubberies enclose the house in a warm cocoon like aura. The green of the foliage creates visually appealing contrast with the grey stones. And when we are on the subject of contrast, let’s not miss how the solid red wooden doors and windows pop out brightly from the austere facade. The bold shade of red lends a light-hearted touch and a dash of eclectic fun to the otherwise sober appearance of Bagyuszu Tas Ev. The sloping roofs are tiled, and remind us of the simple aesthetic pleasures of the countryside.

Up close

Once you approach the mansion, you will clearly get to see how stone pillars have joined hands with sensuously curvy wrought iron railings, to put together the robust and long lasting compound wall. Observe how the quaint red doors flank glass doors, while the latter allow an uninterrupted view of the surrounding landscape. Small glass windows line the upper storey, as was the norm in many heritage buildings, to let in sunlight for natural illumination.

Passing through

Step back in time as you take a walk along this quaint, vintage corridor. Stone pillars and a gently curving brick ceiling bring the past alive in leaps and bounds! The tiled floor delicately matches the earthiness of the pillars and ceiling too. Red doors and windows once again provide the much needed contrast and hint of fun. The pillars connect with each other through picturesque arches, and carry you away to a moment when time stood still.

A breath of fresh air

This old-fashioned balcony is a perfect spot for admiring the lushness of nature, and soaking in the sights and sounds of a simple life. Red doors again accompanied by glass double doors, enhance the enticing aspect of this facet of the mansion. The balcony is shaded by the eave which features wooden beams and supports underneath. This wooden touch infuses the space with warmth, cosiness and homeliness. Gracefully curved wrought iron railing makes an appearance here too, and adds to the medley of various textures. Stand here and gaze at the scenery lazily while enjoying your morning cup of tea, or unwind with a drink after a long day as the sun sets unhurriedly.

Around the courtyard

The interior of the sophisticated residence features a spacious courtyard surrounded by large halls designed for living, sleeping, cooking, bathing and more. Gentle stone arches and stone pillars guide us around the courtyard, and let us catch a muted view of the indoor areas through large glass and wooden doors. Quaint lighting accompanies us on the way, and casts a warm, balmy glow over the entire area.

We hope you enjoyed the tour of this unique but grand house in Turkey. For more inspiration, take a look at another home tour - A Stunning home away from home!

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