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PROJEKT ŁAZIENKI W WARSZAWIE. , AAW studio AAW studio Modern bathroom
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This compact modern apartment in Warszawa designed by AAW STUDIO is not only a perfect combination of comfort and practicality, but it shows that even the smallest of spaces when designed and decorated innovatively can look beautiful and welcoming. Restrained use of colour, minimal basic furniture, modular cupboards and cabinets and muted light wooden accents, give this home a very modern urban look. While the abundant use of light keeps any traces of dingy gloom at bay and lends this home a more open airy vibe.

Dining and Kitchen

In this tiny apartment there is no separate dining space. The dining area continues from the living room into an open modular kitchen. Four chairs with white metal frame compliment the wooden table with a white metal frame, while the dark grey upholstery of the chairs matches with the grey glass backsplash and the grey stone counter top in the kitchen. Wooden cabinets on top fashioned out of similar wood as the flooring, and L-shaped white laminate cabinets with inbuilt appliances and a stove built into the counter, helps the kitchen stay minimal yet full of practical conveniences and blend in with the living area.

The entrance

There is a wooden alcove in the wall opposite the main door. Padded with grey cotton upholstery divided into sections, it's a cosy and convenient place to take off one's shoes after a long day, or simply read a book with a coffee in had on a lazy Sunday. It's also the perfect impersonal place for someone to wait, whether they have come to run an errand or to pick someone up for dinner. All the doors and windows of this home are painted white, which in the entrance area particularly contrasts well with the blue walls. 

Living & dining area

A passageway in front of the main door leads to the living room. This passage is lined with photographs, framed in basic white frames they stand out against the blue wall and make quite an impact. Upon entering the living room the first thing that strikes one is muted use of colour, the walls and furniture are mostly white or grey, with a hint of blue here or there. These three colours dominate the rest of the house as well. The flooring is made of light coloured industrial wood and the dining table sticks to the same colour as that of the floor ad thereby creates a harmonious feel.

Living & dining area

The Scandinavian style furniture—be it the compact L-shaped white leather sofa, the neat triangular coffee table with wooden legs and a white laminate top, a white standing lamp, or the grey TV console with white shelves and a single white huge cabinet door on top—they are all classic examples of how minimalism in style can also meet all of one's practical needs. Since horizontal space is extremely limited in this home, vertical space has been used innovatively. Storage and display options have been created vertically, be it through the loop like white shelf on the grey feature wall, or the long white shelf lining an entire wall near the ceiling on another side.

The bathroom

The bathroom is simple, modern and sticks to the same colour palette as the rest of the home. A dominant use of white, from the ceiling, walls, tiled flooring, white water proof laminate cabinets, sink etc, combined with spotlights on the ceiling, make this bathroom look much more larger than it really is. A half length mirror along an entire wall further enhances this illusion of space. While blue accents on and inside the cabinets, and a tiled grey shower area break the monotony of white and make this space look homely.

The shower area

The shower area is probably the most eye catching space in this home. It's lined with dark grey tiles and separated from the rest of the bathroom with a glass door. This helps to contain the water and keep the bathroom neat at all times. But it's the honeycomb pattern of the tiles on a wall and on the floor of the shower that makes this space look different and interesting. The faucet and fittings in the bathroom, as in the kitchen are are all made of steel and basic in design and help to keep things simple, yet beautiful.

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