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In today’s home tour feature, we visit a home that has been designed Arturo Interiors, a group of interior designers based out of West Bengal’s capital city, Kolkata. From the minute you set foot in this house, owned by Mr Vikas Singh, you cannot but feel a royal vibe. Roomy interiors, modern day designs and an eclectic theme set this house apart. Hues like gold, grey and white have been used liberally to make different statements throughout the space. Take the tour to know more about this beautiful residence!

​A Living Room Fit for a King

The living room is a sparkling statement of high design values that have been aptly and effectively combined with the regal theme. This room truly is fit for a king. To begin with, the sheer magnitude and expansive look of the space gives its décor the leeway to play around with various materials and hues without seeming cluttered or mismatched. The gold and brown pouffes are our favourite with ornately carved bottoms on which the brown upholstered seats sit. The gilded look takes on other corners as well, with a coffee table in the centre and a mirror at the far end. Brown, grey and white patterns come out to play in subtle shades that impress the visitor from the very first sight. The wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for the blue and silver couches and their sophisticated bearings.

The Chessboard Kitchen

Cook or play – both activities become the same thing in this modern and sophisticated kitchen with its quirky edge. The brown kitchen with its warm tones has a chessboard style finish on the cabinets and drawers, adding a whimsical feel to the entire space. The narrow kitchen brings in various tones of beige, brown and gold with glossy wooden textures and glass to create a winning look that will whet your design appetite!

​A Feminine Space

This bedroom triggers the imagination. You can instantly picture Alice in wonderland and all your favourite characters getting together here for a tea party, with the pink light from ceiling, lighting the way for unmatched fun! The feminine fun factor in this room comes through with the colourful bedding and the inlay work on the closet doors. With white as the running theme, this room makes the most of its pristine canvas to imbibe some unique designer details.

The restful bedroom

This comfortable bedroom has been laid out to look cosy and luxurious even in its compact state. White sliding doors on the side conceal an expansive closet while a play of wood for the headboard makes your eyes travel all the way up to the ceiling. The grey bed with its classic printed bedding creates a look of unparalleled style which is warm and inviting as well. Recessed lighting casts a bright yet soothing glow all over the space.

Packing in a Punch with Yellow

The next bedroom is a bright addition to the design scheme of this home. To begin with, the stylish platform bed brings in a much needed, much deserved spot of colour with its cheery yellow bedding. The headboard is a padded one in white leather that grounds this vibrant look well. The wooden detailing on the sides as well as the bedside tables makes this one compact unit when installed with the bed.

The Sophisticated Bathroom

The bathroom is a sophisticated play of wood, marble and lighting. The lighting is one that highlights every corner of the room, and every grain of the beautiful flooring and the walls. The use of wood brings in a warm feel that makes you feel like you are soaked in luxury! 

This home has an eclectic theme running through it. At once royal and at once modern – that is how we would best describe it. The colours, material and lighting make for some stunning visual appeal and a look that leaves you inspired! Looking for more inspiration, here is A Comfy Functional Home Which Redefines Elegance

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