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6 easy and cheap ideas to the look of your living room

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When you speak of designing a home the first space to come to mind is always the living room. This is probably the most worked area. It’s the place where we spend a lot of time on with the family as well as friends and guests. Hence, it is important for this room to be well-designed, warm and inviting. However, a lot depends on how we use the living room. Living rooms can have a number of functions depending on your lifestyle. For some people, the living room is a formal space meant only for receiving guests. For others, the living room functions as a place to entertain guests and a family room where everyone gets together in the evenings. Depending on the intended function of the room, you can add the cozy factor in different ways. Finding the right balance between a warm and functional living room might take some experimentation, but here are a few easy tips to get your started.

​Ditch the regular sofa seating

No one said a regular three-seater sofa is a must have for the living room. What you do need is place for your guests to sit comfortably. In a formal living room, replace the sofa with armchairs. For a more informal living room design, you could also throw in beanbags and poufees. A cushioned bench or a daybed will serve you in the same way as a sofa while simultaneously adding a unique touch to your living room. A futon paired with armchairs is another viable alternative to the regular three seater sofa set arrangement. Along with giving our living room a contemporary look, these other pieces of furniture also allows the room to be used as an impromptu guest room to accommodate surprise guests. The picture of this living room above is an example of things can look radically different without the normal sofa set. 

​Add a table

Along with a coffee table and side tables, when designing a living room, also look at adding a parsons table. A parsons table is a tall slim table that stands behind armchairs or couches. Use the table top to display prized curios, books etc. Nesting tables are endlessly versatile and can be arranged in a number of stylish combinations. Pick a set of two or three nesting tables and scatter them when entertaining guests. At other times you could stack them over each other to save space. This helps keep the room uncluttered. Tall pedestal tables are yet another type of table you could consider adding to your living room design.

Add texture to create warmth

Living rooms are usually the largest spaces in a house and hence it is easy to experiment with textures in this room. Instead of matching finishes and textures in your furniture and décor pieces, mix and match textures to create a warm, lived-in air. Whether you to choose to have a sofa or not, scatter throw cushions over your seating to make it look inviting.  A rug in the center of your room will not only make the space feel cozier but will also help define the living room design and bind its individual elements together. Curtains are another living room design element where you can experiment with textures and the effect it has on the room. For small living rooms, choose light sheer fabrics while heavier silks and cottons are better suited to expansive living rooms. Even the texture of your curios impacts the room. For contemporary styled living rooms, pick sleek metallic accents and for more traditional living rooms pick organic wooden knick knacks.

Add a muted light source

Chalet Gstaad Ardesia Design Rustic style living room
Ardesia Design

Chalet Gstaad

Ardesia Design

Planning a light scheme for the living room is a crucial part of designing the living room. A living room should typically have three types of lighting; an ambient light scheme, focus lights for wall art and curios and task lights in the form of table lamps. While the light itself enhances the room, sometimes the source of this light need not be seen. Cove lighting is a style of ambient lighting that has become very popular. This style of lighting is muted but gives the living room a stylish edge. When it comes to picking a table lamp, there are a number of styles to choose amongst. While a lamp base is ornamental, the lamp shade has a more functional purpose and its style determines the amount and direction of light emitted.

Add some greenery

Butterfly Palm Tree (Dypsis lutescens) homify Garden Plants & flowers

Butterfly Palm Tree (Dypsis lutescens)


The trend in living room designs today is moving towards a blended indoor-outdoor space. To incorporate this trend in your living room, bring in a few potted plants. Tall palms are an ideal way to add life to a dead corner space. Alternatively, you could place small potted plants on the pedestal tables mentioned earlier. Tabletop gardens and terrariums are other exciting ways of adding a green element to your living room design. Plants not only add to the aesthetics of the room but are also soothing to look at and natural stress busters.

Look for curved designs in your furniture

To give your living room a warm and comfortable appearance, pick furniture with soft curves and plush seats. Be careful however of how the piece will look in relation to the size of your living room. While heavy carved wooden furniture will complement a spacious living room, it might overpower a compact living room. These smaller living rooms are better suited to light, contemporary furniture. Instead of choosing regular rectangular coffee tables, pick a table that is rounded or organic shaped.

Lastly, when designing a living room, don’t forget to dress up the living room walls with interesting wall art. Along with picture frames, add a mirror to add glamour to your living room design. Looking for more design ideas for your living room, here is another perfect ideabook – Choosing the perfect Sofa for your living room.

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