6 Awesome Ideas for a Comfy Kitchen!

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Do you think a beautiful and visually enticing kitchen is enough for a chef to churn out delectable meals? Then you are a little far from the truth! A truly impressive kitchen décor is not just about great designs or how organized it is. It is also about the level of functionality and comfort the décor provides to the kitchen space. The functionality factor is very important in the kitchen as it is one of the most active spaces in the home where a lot of hustle and bustle actually happens every single day. But in most homes, the kitchen is almost always allotted limited space, and hence it is very important to ensure that no space is wasted while planning kitchen décor.

Besides functionality, the décor should aptly cater to the needs of the chef, so that he or she can carry out all culinary activities without any chaos. While working on the kitchen décor, it is also important to consider the sensibilities, tastes and preferences of the cook or the one who would be spending the maximum amount of time in the kitchen. Besides that, the decoration or furnishing should also enhance the kitchen, and complement the look and feel of the rest of the house or at least the adjacent spaces.

Plan several sources of light

A bright and well lit kitchen is the one where the best cooking sessions happen and are successfully executed. There are several ways to ensure that the kitchen is well lit and bright at all times. The colours of the kitchen also play a small part in this. For instance, white, lemon yellow, pale blue or pale green, can actually make a kitchen appear bright and cheerful.  But also remember that anything too bright can be overwhelming.  So you can also use under cupboard lighting, recessed lighting on the ceiling, hanging or pendant lighting, or focused lighting with discretion. Add that decorative touch by experimenting with varieties of pendant lighting. Also ensure that a sufficient quantity of natural light floods the kitchen during the day.

Go for a kitchen island

There are many benefits to having a kitchen island; out of which the most important one is that, it allows more workspace and is especially helpful while preparing dough, pastas or for transferring hot foods from the oven to cool before serving. The kitchen island can be made multipurpose by including shelves for cookbooks, racks for wine, bottles, and pull-out drawers. A large kitchen island can also be used as a dining space for more than 4 persons and that allows for greater flexibility. It can also have an in-built wash basin or cook top for more convenience. Remember that it is important to have bright and focused lighting above the kitchen island too. Place the island in the centre of the kitchen, so that it is equally accessible from all sides.

Try a layout which allows more people to work without clashing

Contemporary Kitchen in Huddersfield at Bradley, Twenty 5 Design Twenty 5 Design Modern kitchen
Twenty 5 Design

Contemporary Kitchen in Huddersfield at Bradley

Twenty 5 Design

In busy families, there is often more than one cook working in the kitchen. If the kitchen has been allotted very small space; then there can be chaos with scenarios where one can actually relate to the quote; “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” In small spaces it is very important to design a kitchen layout which allows more people to work without clashing. Such a layout should also be implemented in kitchens with the privilege of large spaces, to rule out any possible collisions and at the same time give enough room for each person to concentrate on their individual tasks. A U-layout thus comes in useful as you can see in from this smart and organised kitchen designed by Twenty 5 Design, interior designers and decorators from Wakefield. Such a layout lets you arrange all appliances with ease and provides you oodles of countertop space!

Get the pantry right

Bespoke oak larder homify Country style kitchen

Bespoke oak larder


The pantry is one of the most important elements of the kitchen, and is used to store tons of kitchen items like jams, pickles, pastas, cookbooks, sauces, wine, spices and many essential day to day odds and ends which don’t require a refrigerator. One of the commonly tried options for creating a pantry is to create shelves on the kitchen wall. You can also build a separate cabinet with a pair of pocket doors to conceal all the items. Pantry with pull out doors or a pull out pantry is highly efficient too. There are many styles to experiment, with but it is important to ensure that pantry is highly functional and that everything in it is quickly visible and can be easily accessed.

Make the best use of the corners

When there is limited space; the corners can be put to the most effective use by attaching shelves, placing sleek racks or building an attached pantry. Kitchen walls also provide great utility by creating extra storage spaces.  In spacious kitchens, the walls and corners can be used in several creative ways. If you have a beautiful view visible from the kitchen; capture it with windows. Adding windows to the kitchen walls, especially above the sink can make the task of doing the dishes less boring.  You can also add a cosy corner bench below a kitchen window to enjoy in between meals.  If you have a collection of cookbooks and need to refer them often; then you can place a mini book rack or a slim book cabinet in a corner of the kitchen. You can also drill hooks in the wall to hang some of the utensils required often.  Kitchen walls can also be used to install a mini bar to enjoy on weekend parties. Note how the kitchen shown above derives maximum benefit from its corners by opting for a fluidic countertop!

Add a nice small table for small lunches

A nice small table in the kitchen can give you the pleasure of sitting and enjoying those small lunches or quick snacks that you have been enjoying by standing till date. It is also very helpful for those busy days when you can’t run around to pass on the food, and dining in the kitchen itself is the only option. Choose the table sizes based on the area available. It is important to keep the kitchen as spacious as possible with consideration to the attentive tasks being performed every day.  If you are very short of space in the kitchen, you can opt for a flexible folding tabletop as pictured above; complement it with folded chairs for greater flexibility. You can also use one of the kitchen walls to attach a folding dining table which can alternatively be used as table for chopping or for other purposes.

So, ready to cook the next tasty meal in a more comfy kitchen? Then get started without delay! Take a look at another ideabook for more inspiration - Which kind of kitchen suits your personality?

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